Hesperocorixa distanti, from here.

Belongs within: Panheteroptera.

The Corixidae, water boatmen, are a group of aquatic bugs characterised by short forelegs with scoop-shaped tarsi. These are used to glean algae for food, though they also feed on small, soft-bodied animals (Grimaldi & Engel 2005).

    |--Haenbea badamgaravae GE05, S02
    |--Yanliaocorixa S02
    |--Gazimuria GE05
    |--Karataviella GE05
    |--Diapherinus GE05
    |--Cristocorixa GE05
    |--Bumbacorixa GE05
    |--Corixonecta GE05
    |--Jiangxicorixa S02
    |--Linicorixa S02
    |--Ratiticorixa S02
    |--Vulcanicorixa S02
    |--Shelopuga sinitsae S02
    |--Siculocorixa estria S02
    |--Lufengnacta GE05
    |--Liassocorixa GE05
    |--Bakharia GE05
    |--Archaeocorixa GE05
    |--Baissocorixa GE05
    |--Mesosigara kryshtofovichi GE05, S02
    |--Corixalia GE05
    |--Rhomboidella GE05
    |--Shurabella [Shurabellidae] GE05
    |--Velocorixa [Velocorixinae] S02
    |    `--V. ponomarenkoi S02
    |--Corixia S02
    |    |--C. punctata Im92
    |    `--C. vanduzeei S02
    |--Diacorixa S02
    |    |--D. germanica S02
    |    `--D. miocenica S02
    |--Agraptocorixa ZS10
    |    |--A. eurynome TDC06
    |    `--A. parvipunctata TDC06
    |--Cenocorixa WP99
    |    |--C. bifida WP99
    |    `--C. expleta WP99
    |--Sigara W01
    |    |--S. arguta PC66
    |    |--S. falleni W01
    |    `--S. striata D91
    `--Hesperocorixa TW05
         |--H. distanti (Kirkaldy 1899) Iw92
         |--H. kolthoffi (Lundblad 1933) Iw92
         `--H. mandshurica (Jaczewski 1924) Iw92

*Type species of generic name indicated


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