Wilson's storm petrel Oceanites oceanicus, photographed by J. J. Harrison.

Belongs within: Procellariiformes.

The Oceanitinae includes the southern storm petrels, small seabirds that are mostly found in the Southern Hemisphere. They feed by 'walking' along the surface of the water, picking small animals from the surface (Campbell & Lack 1985).

Characters (from Campbell & Lack 1985): Wings short, rounded; tail nearly square; tarsi long; toes short.

<==Oceanitinae MPR02
    |  i. s.: Nesofregetta fuliginosa MPR02
    |--Oceanites Keyserling & Blasius 1840 JT12, B94
    |    |--O. gracilis JT12
    |    |--O. maorianus (Mathews 1932) [=Pealeornis maoriana] WH02
    |    |--O. marinus SJ85
    |    |--O. nereis HR96
    |    |--O. oceanicus (Kuhl 1820) [=Procellaria oceanica] WS48
    |    |    |--O. o. oceanicus M03
    |    |    `--O. o. exasperatus M03
    |    `--O. zaloscarthmus Olson 1985 B93
    `--+--Fregetta JT12
       |    |--F. grallaria (Vieillot 1817) WH02
       |    `--F. tropica (Gould 1844) WH02
       |         |--F. t. tropica M03
       |         `--F. t. melanoleuca M03
       `--+--Garrodia nereis (Gould 1841) JT12, WH02
          `--Pelagodroma JT12
               |--P. albiclunis Murphy & Irving 1951 WH02 [=P. marina albiclunis HWT01]
               `--P. marina (Latham 1790) [=Procellaria marina] WS48
                    |--P. m. marina R85
                    |--P. m. dulciae Mathews 1912 R85
                    `--P. m. maoriana Mathews 1912 R85

*Type species of generic name indicated


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