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Syrphetodes decoratus, photographed by S. E. Thorpe.

Belongs within: Coleoptera.

The Ulodidae is a Gondwanan family of beetles, members of which were formerly classified with the Tenebrionidae or Zopheridae.

Synapomorphies (from Leschen & Rhode 2002): Antennal insertions visible in dorsal view, eyes entire or not anteriorly emarginate, procoxal cavities closed, lateral mesocoxal cavities open with exposed mesotrochantins, aedeagus with a dorsal tegmen.

    |--Dipsaconia LR02
    |--Ganyme LR02
    |--Meryx LR02
    |--Notocerastes LR02
    |--Phaennis LR02
    |--Ulodes LR02
    |--Trachyderas LR02
    |--Trachyderastes LR02
    |--Arthopus LR02
    |--Brouniphylax LR02
    |--Exohadrus LR02
    |--Syrphetodes decoratus LR02
    `--Waitomophylax Leschen & Rhode 2004 [=Archaeophylax Leschen & Rhode 2002 non Kimmins 1953] LR04
         `--*W. worthyi (Leschen & Rhode 2002) [=*Archaeophylax worthyi] LR04

*Type species of generic name indicated


[LR02] Leschen, R. A. B., & B. E. Rhode. 2002. A new genus and species of large extinct Ulodidae (Coleoptera) from New Zealand. New Zealand Entomologist 25: 57-64.

[LR04] Leschen, R. A. B., & B. E. Rhode. 2004. A replacement name for Archaeophylax Leschen and Rhode (Coleoptera: Ulodidae). New Zealand Entomologist 27: 125.

1 comment:

  1. Arthopus looks nothing like the others in the family. Check it out:


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