Yellow tulipwood Drypetes deplanchei, from CSIRO.

Belongs within: Rosidae.
Contains: Linum, Picodendraceae, Phyllanthaceae, Rhizophoraceae, Chrysobalanales, Violineae, Ochnineae, Clusiaceae, Euphorbiaceae.

The Malpighiales is a large clade of flowering plants supported primarily by molecular analyses. Morphological synapomorphies for the clade are few, except for a toothed leaf lamina margin and dry stigma (Angiosperm Phylogeny Website).

<==Malpighiales [Euphorbiales, Hypericineae]
    |--+--Humiriaceae WM09
    |  |    |--Humiria balsaminifera DL07, WM09
    |  |    |--Vantanea DL07
    |  |    `--Sacoglottis gabonensis FGN07
    |  `--Linaceae WM09
    |       |--Hugonia [Hugoniaceae] DL07
    |       `--+--Linum DL07
    |          `--Reinwardtia indica DL07, WM09
    `--+--+--+--Picodendraceae DL07
       |  |  `--Phyllanthaceae WM09
       |  `--+--Ctenolophon [Ctenolophonaceae] DL07
       |     `--Rhizophoraceae WM09
       `--+--+--+--Chrysobalanales WM09
          |  |  `--Daphniphyllanae [Balanopineae, Daphniphyllineae] D01
          |  |       |--Daphniphyllum MH98 [Daphniphyllaceae, Daphniphyllales D01]
          |  |       |    |--D. himalense SN88
          |  |       |    `--D. macropodum MH98
          |  |       `--Balanopaceae DL07 [Balanopales D01]
          |  |            |--Balanops DL07
          |  |            `--Trilocularia YY22
          |  `--Putranjivaceae [Drypeteae] WM09
          |       |--Lingelsheimia T00
          |       |--Putranjiva T00
          |       |--Sibangea T00
          |       |--Lophopyxis [Lophopyxidaceae] DL07
          |       `--Drypetes DL07
          |            |--D. australasica P82
          |            |--D. deplanchei PT01
          |            |    |--D. d. ssp. deplanchei PT01
          |            |    `--D. d. ssp. affinis PT01
          |            `--D. roxburghii WM09
          `--+--+--Violineae WM09
             |  `--+--Ochnineae WM09
             |     `--+--Clusiaceae WM09
             |        `--Irvingiaceae WM09
             |             |--Desbordesia T00
             |             |--Irvingia malayana DL07, WM09
             |             `--Klainedoxa DL07
             `--+--Euphorbiaceae WM09
                `--+--Elatinaceae WM09
                   |    |--Bergia DL07
                   |    |    |--B. ammanioides VB02
                   |    |    |--B. polyantha VB02
                   |    |    `--B. suffruticosa PP07
                   |    `--Elatine DL07
                   |         |--E. americana CA27
                   |         |--E. gratioloides Cunningham 1840 (see below for synonymy) CA27
                   |         `--E. triandra WM09
                   `--Malpighiaceae WM09
                        |  i. s.: Bannisterieae H03
                        |           |--Banisteria D01
                        |           |--Brachylophon H03
                        |           `--Rhyssopteris H03
                        |         Microsteira YY22
                        |         Gaudichaudioideae T00
                        |         Stigmaphyllon J87
                        |           |--S. angulosum J87
                        |           `--S. emarginatum J87
                        |         Tetrapterys citrifolia J87
                        |         Bunchosia ekmanii J87
                        |--Byrsonima [Byrsonimoideae] DL07
                        |    |--B. coriacea SWK87
                        |    |--B. crassifolia WM09
                        |    |--B. lucida J87
                        |    `--B. wadsworthii SWK87
                        `--+--Acridocarpus DL07
                           `--+--Thryallis DL07
                              `--+--Dicella DLO07
                                 `--Malpighia [Malpighioideae] DL07
                                      |--M. coccigera Linnaeus 1753 CD07
                                      `--M. macracantha J87

Malpighiales incertae sedis:
  Ixonanthaceae DL07
    |--Allantospermum T00
    |--Cyrillopsis T00
    |--Phyllocosmus T00
    |--Ixonanthes DL07
    `--Ochthocosmus DL07
  Gonystylaceae T00
    |--Gonystylus bancanus T00, H03
    |--Aetoxylon T00
    `--Amyxa T00
  Pandaceae DL07
    |--Panda T00
    |--Microdesmis DL07
    `--Centroplacus BB07

Elatine gratioloides Cunningham 1840 [incl. E. americana var. australiensis Bentham 1863] CA27

*Type species of generic name indicated


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