White banjine Pimelea ciliata, photographed by David Osborne.

Belongs within: Thymelaeaceae.

Pimelea, the riceflowers, is a genus of shrubs endemic to Australia.

Characters (from Pellow et al. 2009): Shrubs. Leaves simple, entire, alternate or opposite. Flowers bisexual or unisexual, variously arranged but often terminal, surrounded by an involucre of bracts often different from leaves. Floral tube cylindrical, usually circumsciss above the ovary; the upper part deciduous. Sepals 4. Stamens 2, inserted in throat. Ovary 1-locular, enclosed in floral tube but free from it; style elongated, simple. Fruit with a membranous epicarp, rarely succulent.

    |--P. angustifolia G04
    |--P. arenaria An27
    |--P. argentea GK00
    |--P. buxifolia An27
    |--P. ciliata GK00
    |--P. cracens GK00
    |    |--P. c. ssp. cracens GK00
    |    `--P. c. ssp. glabra GK00
    |--P. imbricata GK00
    |    |--P. i. var. imbricata GK00
    |    |--P. i. var. gracillima GK00
    |    |--P. i. var. major GK00
    |    `--P. i. var. piligera GK00
    |--P. laevigata An27
    |--P. lanata GK00
    |--P. latifolia MM09
    |--P. lehmanniana GK00
    |--P. longifolia T27
    |--P. lyallii An27
    |--P. microcephala KM08
    |--P. preissii GK00
    |--P. prostrata T27
    |--P. pseudo-lyallii Al27
    |--P. rosea GK00
    |--P. suaveolens OS04
    |--P. sulphurea OS04
    |--P. sylvestris GK00
    |--P. traversii Al27
    |--P. urvilleana G60
    `--P. virgata An27

*Type species of generic name indicated


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