Jonquils Narcissus jonquilla, photographed by Tony Hall.

Belongs within: Liliidae.

The Amaryllidaceae are a family of bulb-producing plants that are most diverse in temperate and warm temperate regions. They are distinguished by having the inflorescence subtended by an involucre of one or more spathaceous bracts (Healy & Edgar 1980).

Characters (from Healy & Edgar 1980): Clump-forming perennial herbs; bulb tunicate. Leaves few, basal, ± linear to lorate. Flowers bisexual, usually actinomorphic and umbellate, occasionally solitary; spathe of 1-2 valves, scarious, persistent or deciduous before maturity. Perianth petaloid, with or without tube, sometimes with corona. Stamens 6, opposite perianth-segments, inserted on them or free; filaments free, or expanded at base and connate. Ovary inferior; style slender, with capitate or three-lobed stigma; ovules usually many. Fruit a capsule, or fleshy and indehiscent.

<==Amaryllidaceae [Amaryllidales, Amaryllidineae]
    |--Eurycles amboinensis P88
    |--Milula spicata O88
    |--Leucojum aestivum Linnaeus 1759 HE80
    |--Zephyranthes candida HE80
    |--Vallota speciosa HE80
    |--Amaryllis belladonna Linnaeus 1753 HE80
    |--Pancratium Y98
    |    |--P. biflorum P03
    |    |--P. maritimum Y98
    |    `--P. triflorum YG03
    |--Ammocharis nerinoides CV06
    |--Haemanthus avasmontanus CV06
    |--Namaquanula bruynsii CV06
    |--Strumaria CV06
    |    |--S. hardyana CV06
    |    `--S. phonolithica CV06
    |--Hippeastrum J87
    |    |--H. aulicum D59
    |    `--H. puniceum J87
    |--Nerine HE80
    |    |--N. filifolia HE80
    |    |--N. pusilla CV06
    |    `--N. sarniensis [=Amaryllis sarniensis] C55
    |--Crinum CV06
    |    |--C. amoenum BB07
    |    |--C. asiaticum P88
    |    |--C. capense D59
    |    |--C. paludosum CV06
    |    |--C. rautanenianum CV06
    |    `--C. revolutum D59
    `--Narcissus HE80
         |--N. biflorus C55
         |--N. bulbocodium HE80
         |--N. hispanicus HE80
         |--N. × incomparabilis Miller 1768 [N. hispanicus × N. poeticus] HE80
         |--N. jonquilla HE80
         |--N. × medioluteus Miller 1768 [N. poeticus × N. tazetta] HE80
         |--N. × odorus [N. hispanicus × N. jonquilla] HE80
         |--N. poeticus Linnaeus 1753 HE80
         |    |--N. p. var. poeticus HE80
         |    `--N. p. var. majalis HE80
         |--N. pseudonarcissus Linnaeus 1753 HE80
         |--N. serotinus PT98
         `--N. tazetta Linnaeus 1753 HE80

*Type species of generic name indicated


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