Mountain cabbage palm Prestoea montana, photographed by Jose D. Alicea.

Belongs within: Arecaceae.

The Arecoideae is the largest of the generally recognised palm subfamilies, containing about 1100 species.

Synapomorphies (from the Angiosperm Phylogeny Website): Hypodermal cells hexagonal, transversely elongate; flowers in triads or in two vertical rows; style branches separate; n = 16.

    |--Wettinia Z03
    |--Reinhardtia Z03
    |--Dypsis Z03
    |--Neonicholsonia Z03
    |--Archontophoenix alexandrae Z03, E99
    |--Laccospadix Z03
    |--Calyptrocalyx Z03
    |--Drymophloeus [incl. Coleospadix] Z03
    |--Normanbya Z03
    |--Adonidia Z03
    |--Ptychosperma elegans [incl. P. capitis-yorkii] Z03
    |--Loxococcus Z03
    |--Lemurophoenix Z03
    |--Siphokentia Z03
    |--Hydriastele Z03
    |--Gulubia Z03
    |--Nenga Z03
    |--Pinanga Z03
    |--Iguanura Z03
    |--Heterospathe Z03
    |--Rhopaloblaste Z03
    |--Dictyospermum Z03
    |--Actinorhytis Z03
    |--Physokentia Z03
    |--Oncosperma tigillarium Z03, K03
    |--Verschaffeltia Z03
    |--Roscheria Z03
    |--Phoenicophorium Z03
    |--Nephrospermum Z03
    |--Beccariophoenix Z03
    |--Lytocaryum Z03
    |--Polyandrococos Z03
    |--Syagrus [incl. Rhyticocos] Z03
    |    `--S. coronata B04
    |--Areca Z03
    |    |--A. catechu Z03
    |    `--A. sapida C45
    |--Euterpe Z03
    |    |--E. edulis DS86
    |    `--E. oleracea DS04
    |--Oenocarpus [incl. Jessenia] Z03
    |    |--‘Jessenia’ batana DS86
    |    `--O. mapora SDK-L03
    |--Ptychococcus Z03
    |    |--P. arecinus [=Ptychosperma arecina Beccari 1877] Z03
    |    |--P. lepidotus Z03
    |    `--P. paradoxus [=Drymophloeus paradoxus Scheffer 1876, Ptychosperma paradoxa (Scheffer) Scheffer 1876] Z03
    |--Caryota Z03
    |    |--C. mitis P88
    |    |--C. no P88
    |    `--C. obtusifolia P88
    |         |--C. o. var. obtusifolia P88
    |         `--C. o. var. aequatorialis P88
    `--Prestoea Z03
         |--P. longepetiolata Z03
         |    |--P. l. var. longepetiolata Z03
         |    `--P. l. var. cuatrecasasii Z03
         |--P. montana [incl. Euterpe globosa] J87
         `--P. pubens Z03

*Type species of generic name indicated


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