Flowers of swizzlestick tree Quararibea turbinata, photographed by tropicalgardener1. The common name of this tree refers to the use of aromatic sticks taken from the tree in preparing cocktails.

Belongs within: Malvaceae.
Contains: Sidalcea, Sida, Eumalvoideae.

The Malvoideae as defined here includes the traditional Malvaceae sensu stricto plus some basal taxa that were previously placed in the Bombacaceae. The clade was defined by Baum et al. (1998) as including all taxa closer to Malva sylvestris than Bombax ceiba. Possible members of this clade include the Fremontodendreae, two genera of trees and shrubs found in southern North America with a distinctive quincuncial arrangement of sepals (S. R. Hinsley). The Matisieae are a Neotropical group of trees with simple ovate or elliptical leaves, often zygomorphic flowers with a long staminal tube, and drupaceous fruits.

Synapomorphies (from the Angiosperm Phylogeny Website): Petiole bundle annular; median calyx often abaxial, corolla basally connate to free; androecium from 5 antepetalous primordia, centrifugal, tube often with 5 apical teeth; tapetum plasmodial; pollen often spiny, 7+ porate; styles often separate, stigmas decurrent to capitate, hairy; ovules 1-many/carpel, campylotropous (rarely anatropous), outer integument 2-6 cells across, inner integument 4-8(-15) cells across, parietal tissue 2-7 cells across; embryo curved (rarely straight), cotyledons folded; n = 5-20(+).

<==Malvoideae [Metamalvaceae]
    |--Fremontodendreae BS04
    |    |--Fremontodendron californicum BS04, BAN98
    |    `--Chiranthodendron pentadactylon BS04, BAN98
    `--+--Matisieae BS04
       |    |--Quararibea BS04
       |    |    |--Q. guianensis BAN98
       |    |    `--Q. turbinata SWK87
       |    `--+--Phragmotheca siderosa BS04, BAN98
       |       `--Matisia cordata BS04, BAN98
       `--+--Pentaplaris BS04
          `--+--Radyera BS04
             `--+--Eumalvoideae BS04
                `--+--Uladendron BS04
                   `--+--Camptostemon schultzii BS04, C78
                      `--+--Howittia BS04
                         `--Lagunaria patersonii BS04, BAN98

Malvoideae incertae sedis:
  Sidalcea PT01
  Cephalohibiscus H03
  Kydia calycina YY22, P03
  Napaea YY22
  Anoda RN-F01
    |--A. cristata RN-F01
    `--A. hastata J87
  Lawrencia G04
    |--L. densiflora KM08
    |--L. spicata GK00
    `--L. viridigrisea KM08
  Althea PT01
    |--A. cannabina H91
    |--A. hirsuta PT98
    `--A. officinalis PT01
  Urena K03
    |--U. americana [incl. U. reticulata] C55
    `--U. lobata K03
  Alcea Y98
    |--A. biennis PT98
    `--A. rosea Y98
  Sida G04
  Plagianthus Forster & Forster 1776 A61
    |--P. betulinus Cunningham 1840 (see below for synonymy) A61
    |    |--P. b. var. betulinus A61
    |    `--P. b. chathamicus Cockayne 1912 [=P. chathamicus Cockayne 1902] A61
    |--P. × cymosus Kirk 1899 [P. betulinus × P. divaricatus] A61
    |--P. divaricatus Forster & Forster 1776 A61
    `--P. regius WH02
  Sphaeralcea J87
    |--S. abutiloides J87
    `--S. coccinea CL86

Plagianthus betulinus Cunningham 1840 [incl. Philippodendron regium Poit. 1837, Pl. urticinus Cunnigham 1840] A61

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 16 April 2020.

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