Mastwood Calophyllum inophyllum, copyright Adityamadhav83.

Belongs within: Malpighiales.

The Calophyllaceae are an assemblage of about 450 species of latex-producing tropical trees and shrubs. One species, the mammee Mammea americana, is used in some parts of the Americas as a fruit tree whereas other species are used for their wood. Members of the genus Calophyllum are distinguished by leaves with close-set, parallel veins on the lamina alternating with latex canals (Stevens 1995).

Characters (from Stevens 1995): Leaves opposite or alternate; latex glands dots or lines. Inflorescence lateral or terminal; bracts present, deciduous or not, bracteoles often absent. Flowers regular, hermaphroditic or unisexual. Sepals and petals sometimes not clearly separated, up to 14, or sepals 4 or 5, decussate or imbricate, petals 4 or 5, decussate, imbricate or contorted. Stamens numerous, usually free. Ovary superior, 2-5-carpellate; ovules anatropous, basal or apical, usually 1-12; styles fused, rarely free; stigma often very prominently developed. Fruit a drupe, drupe-like, berry-like or a capsule. Seeds large to small; cotyledons well developed, sometimes fused; aril absent.

<==Calophyllaceae [Calophylloideae]
    |  i. s.: Kayea S95
    |           |--K. coriacea (Stevens) Stevens 1993 [=Mesua coriacea Stevens 1974] S95
    |           `--K. macrophylla Kan. & Hat. 1942 [=Mesua macrophylla (Kan. & Hat.) Kosterm. 1969] S95
    |--Endodesmia Benth. 1862 XR12, KC01
    `--+--Mammea XR12
       |    |--M. americana XR12
       |    |--M. congregata S95
       |    |--M. cordata Stevens 1974 S95
       |    |--M. grandifolia Stevens 1974 S95
       |    |--M. novoguineensis (Kan. & Hat.) Kosterm. 1956 (see below for synonymy) S95
       |    |--M. odorata (Raf.) Kosterm. 1956 (see below for synonymy) S95
       |    |--M. papuana (Laut.) Kosterm. 1956 [=Ochrocarpus papuana Laut. 1922] S95
       |    |--M. papyracea Stevens 1993 S95
       |    `--M. veimauriensis Stevens 1974 S95
       `--+--Mesua ferrea Linnaeus 1753 XR12, S95
          `--Calophyllum XR12
               |--C. acutiputamen Stevens 1974 S95
               |--C. alboramulum H03
               |--C. antillanum F11
               |--C. articulatum S95
               |--C. bicolor Stevens 1980 S95
               |--C. bifurcatum Stevens 1980 S95
               |--C. blancoi H03
               |--C. brasiliense SWK87
               |--C. brassii Smith 1941 S95
               |--C. carrii Stevens 1974 S95
               |    |--C. c. var. carrii S95
               |    `--C. c. var. longigemmatum Stevens 1974 S95
               |--C. caudatum Kan. & Hat. 1942 S95
               |--C. collinum Stevens 1980 S95
               |--C. confusum Stevens 1974 S95
               |--C. costatum S95
               |--C. dasypodum H03
               |--C. euryphyllum Laut. 1922 S95
               |--C. goniocarpum Stevens 1974 S95
               |--C. heterophyllum Stevens 1974 S95
               |--C. hirasimum Stevens 1980 S95
               |--C. inophyllum Linnaeus 1753 S95
               |--C. insularum Stevens 1980 S95
               |--C. lanigerum H03
               |    |--C. l. var. lanigerum H03
               |    `--C. l. var. austrocoriaceum H03
               |--C. laticostatum Stevens 1974 S95
               |--C. leleanii Stevens 1980 S95
               |--C. leucocarpum S95
               |--C. macrophyllum Scheffer 1873 S95
               |--C. morobense Stevens 1974 S95
               |--C. neo-ebudicum Guillaumin 1931 [incl. C. pseudovitiense Stevens 1974] S95
               |--C. novoguineense Kan. & Hat. 1942 [incl. C. warenense Kan. & Hat. 1942] S95
               |--C. obscurum Stevens 1974 S95
               |--C. papuanum Laut. 1922 S95
               |--C. parvifolium Choisy 1823 [incl. C. microphyllum Planch. & Triana 1862, C. schefferi Vesque 1893] S95
               |--C. pauciflorum Smith 1941 [incl. C. congestiflorum Smith 1941] S95
               |--C. peekelii Laut. 1922 S95
               |--C. persimile Stevens 1980 S95
               |--C. piluliferum Stevens 1974 S95
               |--C. robustum Stevens 1974 S95
               |--C. rufinerve Kan. & Hat. 1942 S95
               |--C. rupicolum P88
               |--C. savannarum Smith 1941 S95
               |--C. sil Laut. 1922 [incl. C. procerum Smith 1941] S95
               |--C. soulattri Burm. 1768 (see below for synonymy) S95
               |--C. streimannii Stevens 1974 S95
               |--C. suberosum Stevens 1974 S95
               |--C. trachycaule Laut. 1922 S95
               |--C. vexans Stevens 1974 [incl. C. gaimanum Stevens 1974] S95
               `--C. waliense Stevens 1980 S95

Calophyllum soulattri Burm. 1768 [incl. C. kiong Laut. & Sch. 1901, C. lanceolatum Warb. 1891, C. paludosum White 1941, C. solomonense Smith 1941, C. versteegii Laut. 1922, C. warburgii Engl. 1892] S95

Mammea novoguineensis (Kan. & Hat.) Kosterm. 1956 [=Ochrocarpus novoguineensis Kan. & Hat. 1942; incl. M. lancelimba Kosterm. 1956] S95

Mammea odorata (Raf.) Kosterm. 1956 [=Lolanara odorata Raf. 1837, Ochrocarpus odoratus (Raf.) Merr. 1945; incl. O. excelsus (Planch. & Triana) Vesque 1893, O. ovalifolius Anderson ex Hemsl. 1885, O. pachyphyllus Sch. 1889] S95

*Type species of generic name indicated


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