Reconstruction of Eomys quercyi, copyright Nobu Tamura.

Belongs within: Rodentia.
Includes: Castoridae, Heteromyidae, Geomyidae.

The Castorimorpha are a clade of rodents supported by molecular data including the modern Castoridae (beavers), Heteromyidae (pocket mice) and Geomyidae (gophers).

<==Castorimorpha MJ11
    |--Castoroidea MJ11
    |    |--Castoridae MJ11
    |    `--Mattimys [Eutypomyidae] MJ11
    `--+--Florentiamys MHL03 [Florentiamyidae MJ11, Florentiamyinae]
       |--Heliscomyidae MJ11
       |    |--Heliscomys MJ11
       |    `--Passaliscomys MJ11
       `--Geomyoidea [Saccomyina, Saccomyoidea] HH83
            |--Heteromyidae HH83
            |--Geomyidae MJ11
            `--Eomys Schlosser 1884 D07 [Eomyidae HH83]
                 |--E. abnatensis D07
                 |--E. burkei D07
                 |--E. craiky D07
                 |--E. intermedius D07
                 |--E. major D07
                 |--E. maximus D07
                 |--E. minimus D07
                 |--E. minutes D07
                 |--E. orbicularis D07
                 |--E. orientalis D07
                 |--E. quercyi D07
                 `--E. zitteli D07

*Type species of generic name indicated


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