Mounted skeleton of Merychippus in the Nebraska State Museum of Natural History, copyright James St. John.

Belongs within: Equoidea.
Contains: Equinae, Anchitheriinae.

The Equidae, horses and their fossil relatives, are a group of perissodactyls known from the early Eocene to the present. Most members of the family are distinctly cursorial though the earliest examples were less so.

    |--Minippus Froehlich 2002 F02
    |    |--*M. index (Cope 1873) [=Hyracotherium index] F02
    |    `--M. jicarillai Froehlich 2002 F02
    `--Arenahippus Froehlich 2002 F02
         |--*A. grangeri (Kitts 1956) [=Hyracotherium angustidens grangeri] F02
         `--+--A. aemulor (Gingerich 1991) [=Hyracotherium aemulor] F02
            `--+--A. pernix (Marsh 1876) [=Hyracotherium pernix, Eohippus pernix; incl. H. seekinsi Morris 1968] F02
               `--+--Xenicohippus Bown & Kihm 1981 F02
                  |    |--X. craspedotum (Cope 1880) [=Hyracotherium craspedotum, Eohippus craspedotus] F02
                  |    `--+--*X. grangeri Bown & Kihm 1981 F02
                  |       `--X. osborni Bown & Kihm 1981 F02
                  `--+--Eohippus Marsh 1876 F02
                     |    `--E. angustidens (Cope 1875) F02 (see below for synonymy)
                     `--+--Pliolophus vulpiceps Owen 1858 [=Hyracotherium vulpiceps] F02
                        `--Protorohippus Wortman 1896 F02
                             |--P. montanum Wortman 1896 F02
                             `--+--*P. venticolum (Cope 1881) (see below for synonymy) F02
                                `--+--Haplohippus McGrew 1953 M76
                                   |--Orohippus Marsh 1874 F02, C77
                                   |    |--O. major F02
                                   |    `--O. pumilus Marsh 1872 C77
                                   `--+--Epihippus Marsh 1878 F02, D07
                                      |    |--E. gracilis D07
                                      |    |--E. parvus RH14
                                      |    `--E. uintensis D07
                                      `--+--Mesohippus Marsh 1876 M76, D07
                                         |    |--M. bairdi OB13
                                         |    |--M. eulophus D07
                                         |    |--M. gridlei D07
                                         |    |--M. intermedius D07
                                         |    |--M. obliquidens D07
                                         |    `--M. validus D07
                                         `--+--Miohippus grandis C96, OB13
                                            `--+--+--Parahippus Leidy 1858 C96, D07
                                               |  |    |--P. leonensis D07
                                               |  |    |--P. mourningi D07
                                               |  |    |--P. pawniensis D07
                                               |  |    `--P. pristinus D07
                                               |  `--+--+--Callipus C96
                                               |     |  `--Equinae M76
                                               |     `--Merychippus Leidy 1857 C96, D07
                                               |          |--M. brevidontus Bode 1934 B76
                                               |          |--M. californicus D07
                                               |          |--M. insignis D07
                                               |          |--M. intermontanus W69
                                               |          |--M. stylodontus W69
                                               |          `--M. sumani W69
                                               `--Anchitheriinae C96

Equidae incertae sedis:
  Hippotherium C77
    |--H. affine C77
    |--H. calamarium Cope 1875 C77
    |--H. gratum C77
    |--H. occidentale C77
    |--H. paniense C77
    `--H. speciosum C77
  Protohippus Leidy 1869 C77
    `--P. sejunctus C77
  Plesiohipparion TH03
  Cormohipparion F99
    |--C. goorisi MacFadden & Skinner 1981 F99
    |--C. occidentale Leidy 1856 F99
    `--C. sphenodus Cope 1885 F99
  Eoequus wilsoni Quinn 1955 F99
  Propachynolophus gaudryi RH14
  Eurohippus parvum RH14

Eohippus angustidens (Cope 1875) F02 [=Orohippus angustidens F02, Hyracotherium angustidens F02; incl. *E. validus Marsh 1876 F02, Orohippus cuspidatus Cope 1875 C77, Hyracotherium cuspidatum F02, H. loevii Cope 1877 F02, Orohippus vasacciensis Cope 1875 C77, H. vasacciense F02, Lophiotherium vasacciense C77]

*Protorohippus venticolum (Cope 1881) [=Eohippus venticolum, Hyracotherium vasacciense venticolum] F02

*Type species of generic name indicated


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