Skull of Sivapithecus sivalensis at the British Museum of Natural History, copyright Ghedoghedo.

Belongs within: Hominoidea.

The Ponginae are the clade of apes more closely related to modern orangutans Pongo than to chimpanzees, gorillas or humans.

Characters (from Chaimanee et al. 2003): Enamel wrinkled; I1 very large; I3 small and peg-like; P3 low crowned with reduced heteromorphy; molar cingula absent.

<==Ponginae [Pongini]
    |  i. s.: Platodontopithecus jianghuaiensis Gu & Lin 1983 G91
    |--Ankarapithecus Ozansoy 1957 CS04, M-SA09
    |    `--A. meteai Ozansoy 1957 M-SA09, G91 [=Sivapithecus meteai G91]
    |--Lufengpithecus CS04
    |    |--L. keiyuanensis CS04
    |    `--L. lufengensis Wu 1987 CJ03 [=Ramapithecus lufengensis G91]
    |--Gigantopithecus von Koeningswald 1935 CS04, D07
    |    |--G. blacki G91
    |    `--G. giganteus [incl. G. bilaspurensis] G91
    |--Sivapithecus Pilgrim 1910 CJ03, M-SA09
    |    |--S. alpani G91
    |    |--S. darwini G91
    |    |--S. indicus M-SA09
    |    |--S. parvada KN07
    |    |--S. punjabicus G91
    |    |--S. sivalensis CJ03 [=Palaeopithecus sivalensis G91]
    |    `--S. yunnanensis G91
    `--+--Khoratpithecus Chaimanee, Suteethorn et al. 2004 CS04
       |    |--*K. pirayai Chaimanee, Suteethorn et al. 2004 CS04
       |    `--K. chiangmuanensis (Chaimanee, Jolly et al. 2003) [=Lufengpithecus chiangmuanensis] CS04
       `--Pongo Lacépède 1799 CS04, M-SA09 [incl. Hemanthropus von Koenigswald 1957 G91]
            |--P. abelii AA15 [=P. pygmaeus abelii BP87]
            |--‘Hemianthropus’ peii von Koenigswald 1957 [=Hemanthropus peii] G91
            `--P. pygmaeus SAP78

*Type species of generic name indicated


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