Reconstruction of Geosaurus giganteus scaled to a human diver, from Young et al. (2012).

Belongs within: Neosuchia.

The Thalattosuchia are a clade of marine crocodyliforms known from the Jurassic. Basal members of the clade had an extremely long and tubular hyperdentate snout though this became striking modified in some derived members of the clade (Gasparini et al. 2006).

    |--Teleosauridae SF03
    |    |--Steneosaurus bollensis LB02, GPS06
    |    |--Machimosaurus LB02
    |    |--Pelagosaurus Brown 1841 LB02, SF03
    |    |    `--P. typus GPS06
    |    `--Teleosaurus Deslongchamps 1866 D07
    |         |--T. chapmanni D07
    |         |--T. hastifer D07
    |         `--T. mandelslohi D07
    `--Metriorhynchidae GPS06
         |--Metriorhynchus Meyer 1830 GPS06, D07
         |    |--M. casamiquelai GPS06
         |    |--M. moreli D07
         |    `--M. superciliosus GPS06
         `--+--Dakosaurus GPS06
            |    |--D. andiniensis GPS06
            |    `--D. maximus GPS06
            `--Geosaurus Cuvier 1842 GPS06, D07
                 |--G. araucanensis GPS06
                 |--G. cynodus Gervais 1867–1869 C07
                 |--G. giganteus D07
                 |--G. gracilis D07
                 |--G. suevicus GPS06
                 `--G. vignaudi D07

*Type species of generic name indicated


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