Mounted skeleton of Dorudon atrox in the Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt am Main, copyright Eva Kröcher.

Belongs within: Cetaceamorpha.
Contains: Mysticeti, Odontoceti.

The Basilosauridae are a group of stem-cetaceans known from the upper Eocene (Barnes et al. 1985). This group is probably paraphyletic to the crown Cetacea.

Basilosauridae [Dorudontidae, Hydrarchidae, Prozeuglodontidae, Stegorhinidae, Zeuglodontidae]
    |  i. s.: Pontogeneus Leidy 1852 G03
    |           `--P. brachyspondylus (Müller 1849) [=Zeuglodon brachyspondylus] BM78
    |         Ancalecetus Gingerich & Uhen 1996 G03
    |         Basiloterus Gingerich et al. 1997 G03
    |         Chrysocetus Uhen & Gingerich 2001 G03
    |         Zeuglodon cetoides A05
    |--+--Basilosaurinae [Zeuglodontinae] BDR85
    |  |    |--Platyosphys Kellogg 1936 BM78, WS76
    |  |    |    `--P. paulsonii (Brandt 1873) BDR85
    |  |    |--Prozeuglodon Andrews 1906 BM78
    |  |    |    `--*P. atrox Andrews 1906 G92 [incl. Zeuglodon intermedius Dart 1923 G92, Dorudon intermedius BM78]
    |  |    `--Basilosaurus Harlan 1843 SOG09, D07
    |  |         |--B. cetoides (Harlan 1845) SB02
    |  |         |--B. hussaini D07
    |  |         `--B. isis (Beadnell in Andrews 1904) G92 (see below for synonymy)
    |  `--Cetacea [Autoceta] SOG09
    |       |--Mysticeti SOG09
    |       `--Odontoceti SOG09
    `--Dorudontinae BDR85
         |--Zygorhiza True 1908 BM78, G03
         |    `--Z. kochii (Reichenbach 1847) SB02
         |--Saghacetus Gingerich 1992 G92
         |    `--*S. osiris (Dames 1894) G92 (see below for synonymy)
         `--Dorudon Gibbes 1845 SOG09, G92 [=Durodon (l. c.) G92; incl. Doryodon Cope 1868 G92]
              |--*D. serratus Gibbes 1845 G92
              |--D. atrox G03
              `--D. stromeri Kellogg 1936 SB02 [=Prozeuglodon stromeri G92]

Basilosaurus isis (Beadnell in Andrews 1904) G92 [=Zeuglodon isis G92, Protocetus isis BM78, Prozeuglodon isis BM78]

*Saghacetus osiris (Dames 1894) G92 [=Zeuglodon osiris BM78, Z. (Dorudon) osiris BM78; incl. Z. elliotsmithii Dart 1923 G92, Dorudon elliotsmithii BM78, Z. sensitivus Dart 1923 G92, D. sensitivus BM78, Z. zitteli Stromer 1903 G92, D. zitteli BM78, Protocetus zitteli BM78]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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