Reconstructed skull of Uchkudukodon nessovi, from McKenna et al. (2000).

Belongs within: Eutheria.

The Asioryctitheria are a group of small, probably insectivorous mammals known from the Late Cretaceous of Asia. Monophyly of this group is uncertain: Wible et al.'s (2007) phylogenetic analysis found them to be paraphyletic to modern placentals whereas Halliday et al. (2017) found a clade uniting Asioryctitheria with the contemporary Zalambdalestidae.

<==Asioryctitheria WR07
    |--+--+--Bulaklestes kezbe HUG17, WR07
    |  |  `--Uchkudukodon nessovi HUG17, OB13
    |  `--Daulestes Trofimov & Nessov in Nessov & Trofimov 1979 HUG17, FN03
    |       |--D. inobservabilis WR07
    |       |--D. kulbeckensis WR07
    |       `--D. nessovi AAE01
    `--+--+--Kennalestes Kielan-Jaworowska 1969 HUG17, FN03
       |  |    `--K. gobiensis WR07
       |  `--+--Ukhaatherium Novacek 1997 HUG17, D07
       |     |    `--U. nessovi OB13
       |     `--Asioryctes Kielan-Jaworowska 1975 HUG17, FN03
       |          `--A. nemegtensis WR07
       `--Zalambdalestidae WR07
            |--Kulbeckia HUG17
            |    |--K. kansaica HUG17
            |    `--K. kulbecke WR07
            `--+--Lainodon orueetxebarriai HUG17, WR07
               |--Zhangolestes jilinensis HUG17
               |--Barunlestes butleri HUG17, WR07
               `--+--Alymlestes kielanae HUG17
                  `--Zalambdalestes Gregory & Simpson 1926 HUG17, D07
                       |--Z. grangeri HUG17
                       `--Z. lechei WR07

*Type species of generic name indicated


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