Desert monitor Varanus griseus caspius, copyright Denis Nuridjanov.

Belongs within: Anguimorpha.

The Varanidae, monitor lizards, are a group of lizards found in warmer parts of the Old World, characterised by a long, slender neck together with a long, strong tail, pentadactyl limbs with a strong claw on each digit, a covering of small, juxtaposed scales, and a long, deeply bifid tongue.

    |--Iberovaranus Hoffstetter 1969 RB05
    `--Varanus Merrem 1820 RB05 [incl. Megalania Owen 1859 D07]
         |  i. s.: V. baritji DK14
         |         V. bengalensis USDI77
         |         V. bushi DK14
         |         V. caudolineatus ADD08
         |         V. exanthematicus K08
         |         V. flavescens USDI77
         |         V. giganteus TW05
         |         V. gilleni DK14
         |         V. glauerti PP13
         |         V. glebopalma PP13
         |         V. gouldii (Gray 1838) ADD08
         |         V. hamersleyensis DK14
         |         V. hofmanni Roger 1898 RB05
         |         V. indicus WH02
         |         V. komodoensis DK14
         |         V. mertensi PP13
         |         V. mitchelli PP13
         |         V. niloticus D56
         |         ‘Tupinambis’ ornatus Daudin 1803 M54
         |         V. ‘ornatus’ Gray 1845 non Daudin 1803 M54
         |         V. panoptes HD04
         |         V. pilbarensis HD04
         |         V. prasinus DV87
         |         V. priscus [=Megalania prisca; incl. Notiosaurus dentatus] F71
         |         V. pronini Zerova & Ckhikvadze 1986 RB05
         |         V. punctatus [=V. p. var. typica; incl. V. p. var. orientalis Fry 1913] F13
         |         V. rosenbergi DK14
         |         V. rudicollis GWN71
         |         V. rusingensis Clos 1995 RB05
         |         V. salvator MH11
         |         V. scalaris PP13
         |         V. semiremex DK14
         |         V. tristis ADD08
         |         V. tsukamotoi Kishida 1929 TYM08
         |--*V. (Varanus) varius (White 1790) [=Lacerta varia] DK14
         |--V. (Odatria Gray 1838) DK14
         |    |--V. (O.) acanthurus Boulenger 1885 DK14
         |    |    |--V. a. acanthurus DK14
         |    |    `--V. a. insulanicus DK14
         |    |--V. (O.) brevicauda Boulenger 1898 DK14
         |    |--V. (O.) eremius Lucas & Frost 1895 DK14
         |    `--V. (O.) sparnus Doughty, Kealley et al. 2014 DK14
         `--V. (Psammosaurus) griseus (Daudin 1803) [=Tupinambis griseus] M54
              |--V. g. griseus (see below for synonymy) M54
              |--V. g. caspius (Eichwald 1931) [=Psammosaurus caspius; incl. V. caspicus Gray 1845] M54
              `--V. g. koniecznyi Mertens 1954 (see below for synonymy) M54

Inorganic: Varanus salvator protominilorientalus Okamura 1987 O87

Varanus griseus griseus (Daudin 1803) [incl. Psammosaurus arabicus Hemprich & Ehrenberg 1899, V. arenaceus Gervais 1848, Tupinambis arenarius Geoffroy 1827, V. scincus Merrem 1820, V. terrestris Schinz 1834] M54

Varanus griseus koniecznyi Mertens 1954 [=V. ornatus Carlleyle 1869 nec Tupinambis ornatus Daudin 1803 nec V. ornatus Gray 1845] M54

*Type species of generic name indicated


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