Reconstruction of Teilhardina magnoliana, copyright Mark A. Klingler.

Belongs within: Primates.
Contains: Omomyinae.

The Tarsiiformes are a clade of primates including the modern tarsiers of insular south-east Asia and their fossil relatives.

Tarsiiformes [Apatomorphidae, Omomyidae, Omomyoidea]
    |  i. s.: Utahiinae G91
    |           |--Utahia G91
    |           `--Stokia G91
    |--Archicebus Ni, Gebo et al. 2013 [Archicebidae] NG13
    |    `--*A. achilles Ni, Gebo et al. 2013 NG13
    `--+--Teilhardininae G91
       |    |--Chlororhysis G91
       |    `--Teilhardina Simpson 1940 NG13, NW03
       |         |  i. s.: T. crassidens NW03
       |         |         T. demissa NW03
       |         |         T. tenuicula NW03
       |         |--T. asiatica Ni, Wang et al. 2003 NG13, NW03
       |         `--+--T. belgica (Teilhard 1927) NG13, S62 [=Omomys belgicus S62]
       |            `--T. magnoliana NG13
       `--+--Altanius orlovi NG13
          `--+--‘Teilhardina’ brandti NG13
             `--+--‘Teilhardina’ americana NG13
                `--+--Tetoniinae G91
                   |    |  i. s.: Mckennamorphus G91
                   |    |--+--Anemorhysis savagei NW03
                   |    |  `--+--Tetonoides pearcei NG13
                   |    |     `--Arapahovius NG13
                   |    |          |--A. advena NG13
                   |    |          `--A.gazini SP09
                   |    `--+--Tetonius homunculus NG13
                   |       `--+--+--Anaptomorphus [Anaptomorphinae] NG13
                   |          |  `--‘Loveina’ zephyri NG13
                   |          `--+--+--Uintanius ameghini NG13
                   |             |  `--Loveina SP09
                   |             |        |--L. wapitiensis SP09
                   |             |        `--+--L. minuta SP09
                   |             |           `--L. sheai SP09
                   |             `--+--Absarokius NG13
                   |                |    |--A. abbotti NG13
                   |                |    `--A. noctivagus NG13
                   |                `--+--Strigorhysis bridgerensis NG13
                   |                   `--Aycrossia lovei NG13
                   `--Omomyinae NG13

*Type species of generic name indicated


[G91] Groves, C. P. 1991. A Theory of Human and Primate Evolution, revised ed. Clarendon Press: Oxford.

[NG13] Ni, X., D. L. Gebo, M. Dagosto, J. Meng, P. Tafforeau, J. J. Flynn & K. C. Beard. 2013. The oldest known primate skeleton and early haplorhine evolution. Nature 498: 60–64.

[NW03] Ni, X., Y. Wang, Y. Hu & C. Li. 2003. A euprimate skull from the early Eocene of China. Nature 427: 65–68.

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[S62] Simons, E. L. 1962. A new Eocene primate genus, Cantius, and a revision of some allied European lemuroids. Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History): Geology 7 (1): 1–36.

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