Reconstruction of Dyrosaurus phosphaticus, copyright Nobu Tamura.

Belongs within: Neosuchia.

The Pholidosauridae are a group of crocodyliforms known from the Cretaceous, most of which are slender-snouted, fish-eating specialists adapted to near-shore marine habitats (Sereno et al. 2001).

    |--Pholidosaurus decipiens SL01, GPS06
    `--+--+--Terminonaris ropbusta SL01, GPS06
       |  `--Sarcosuchus Broin & Tarquet 1966 SL01, D07
       |       |--S. hartti SL01
       |       `--S. imperator Broin & Taquet 1966 SL01
       `--+--Sokotosuchus ianwilsoni GPS06
          `--Dyrosauridae GPS06
               |--Congosaurus LB02
               |--Rhabdognathus SF03
               |--Hyposaurus rogersii GPS06
               |--Chenanisuchus lateroculi GPS06
               `--Dyrosaurus Thomas 1893 SL01, D07
                    |--D. minor SF03
                    `--D. phosphaticus GPS06

*Type species of generic name indicated


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