Variable pocket gopher Orthogeomys heterodus, copyright INBio.

Belongs within: Castorimorpha.
Contains: Thomomys, Geomys.

The Geomyidae, pocket gophers, are a group of burrowing rodents found in North and Central America. They share the presence of externally opening, fur-lined cheek pouches with the related kangaroo rats and pocket mice of the Heteromyidae, but are distinguished by their adaptions for a fossorial lifestyle (Hafner & Hafner 1983).

    |  i. s.: ‘Sorex’ mexicanus Kerr 1792 HH83
    |         Dikkomys B74
    |         Heterogeomys hispidus G69
    |           |--H. h. hispidus G69
    |           |--H. h. isthmicus G69
    |           |--H. h. tehuantepecus G69
    |           `--H. h. torridus G69
    |         Gregorymys MJ11
    |--Entoptychus MJ11 [Entoptychinae HH83]
    |--Pleurolicus MJ11 [Pleurolicinae HH83]
    `--Geomyinae HH83
         |--Parapliosaccomys HH83
         `--+--Thomomys GE05
            `--+--Geomys GE05
               `--+--Zygogeomys trichopus GE05
                  |--Orthogeomys GE05
                  |    |  i. s.: O. cuniculus G69
                  |    |         O. dariensis IT07
                  |    |         O. (Orthogeomys) grandis HH83
                  |    |           |--O. g. grandis G69
                  |    |           |--O. g. alleni G69
                  |    |           |--O. g. alvarezi Schaldach 1966 G69
                  |    |           |--O. g. carbo G69
                  |    |           |--O. g. felipensis G69
                  |    |           |--O. g. nelsoni G69
                  |    |           `--O. g. scalops G69
                  |    |         O. lanius IT07
                  |    |         O. matagalpae IT07
                  |    |         O. thaeleri IT07
                  |    |--O. hispidus GE05
                  |    `--+--+--O. cavator GE05
                  |       |  `--O. underwoodi GE05
                  |       `--+--O. cherriei GE05
                  |          `--O. (Macrogeomys) heterodus GE05, HH83
                  `--+--Cratogeomys GE05
                     |    |--C. castanops GE05
                     |    `--C. merriami GE05
                     `--Pappogeomys GE05
                          |--P. alcorni IT07
                          |--P. bulleri GE05
                          |--P. castanops MB86
                          |    |--P. c. castanops MB86
                          |    |--P. c. goldmani (Merriam 1895) MB86
                          |    |--P. c. rubellus (Nelson & Goldman 1934) MB86
                          |    |--P. c. subnubilus (Nelson & Goldman 1934) MB86
                          |    `--P. c. surculus Russell 1968 MB86
                          |--P. fumosus IT07
                          |--P. gymnurus HH83
                          |--P. merriami IT07
                          |--P. neglectus IT07
                          |--P. tylorhinus IT07
                          `--P. zinseri IT07

*Type species of generic name indicated


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