Embia ramburi, copyright Guillaume Jacquemin.

Belongs within: Embiidina.

The Embiidae are a group of webspinners known from Africa and Asia, characterised by males with two-segmented cerci and a more or less straight base to the tenth tergite (Ross 2007).

Characters (from Ross 2007): Adult males monochromatic brown, alate or apterous, robust, body length averaging 12 mm. Cranium longer than broad, eyes small. Mandibles usually elongate, parallel-sided, distal teeth usually curled ventrad, subapical teeth usually obscured by dorsal. Antennal setae short. Wing vein MA forked. Hind basitarsi short, with one or two median papillae. Terminalia with hemitergites narrowly spaced; medial sclerite inconspicuous; flap-like projection partly extending over epiproct. Cerci two-segmented, basal segment often globose, always echinulated, occasionally bilobed.

Embiidae [Embiomorpha]
    |--Lithembia Ross 1984 R00
    |    `--L. florissantensis (Cockerell 1908) EG06 [=Embia florissantensis R00]
    |--Embia R00
    |    |--E. mauritanica Lucas 1847 E12
    |    |--E. michaeli McLachlan 1877 R00
    |    |--E. ramburi R00
    |    |--E. sabulosa R00
    |    |--E. savignyi R00
    |    |--E. silvestrii R00
    |    |--E. sjoestedti Silvestri 1908 S08
    |    |--E. solieri D49
    |    `--E. surcoufi R00
    |--Neorhagadochir salvini R00, F09
    |--Electroembia Ross 1956 R00
    |    `--E. antiqua (Pictet 1854) [=Embia antiqua] R00
    |--Dihybocercus R07
    |    |--D. collaris (Navás 1923) [=Haploembia collaris, Oligotoma collaris] R07
    |    `--D. lunaris R00
    |--Cleomia guareschii R00
    |--Donaconethis R00
    |--Machadoembia R00
    |--Parembia Davis 1939 R07
    |    |--P. major R00 [=Embia major D40]
    |    |--P. persica [incl. P. producta] R00
    |    `--P. valida D40
    |--Dinembia R00
    |--Oedembia Ross 2007 R07
    |    |--*O. dilatamenta Ross 2007 R07
    |    |--O. burmana Ross 2007 R07
    |    `--O. dobhali [=Embia (Parembia) dobhali] R07
    |--Pararhagadochir TW05
    |    |--P. bicingillata R00
    |    |--P. birabeni R00
    |    |--P. minuta TW05
    |    |--P. trachelia R00
    |    `--P. trinitatis R00
    `--Biguembia multivenosa TW05

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[TW05] Terry, M. D., & M. F. Whiting. 2005. Mantophasmatodea and phylogeny of the lower neopterous insects. Cladistics 21: 240–257.

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