Reconstruction of Brachyodus aequatorialis, copyright WillemSvdMerwe.

Belongs within: Artiodactyla.
Contains: Protoceratidae, Tragulidae, Pecora.

The Ruminantiamorpha are a clade of artiodactyls including all species closer to modern ruminants than to other living artiodactyls. Living ruminants are characterised by the possession of a multi-chambered stomach in which food is broken down by bacteria living in a large fermentation chamber, the rumen.

See also: Horns and guts.

Synapomorphies (from Janis & Scott 1988): Tarsus with fused cuboid and navicular; upper incisors reduced or lost; incisiform lower canines.

<==Ruminantiamorpha SOG09
    |  i. s.: Bothriogenys Schmidt 1913 SOG09, B78
    |           |--*B. fraasi (Schmidt 1913) [=Brachyodus (*Bothriogenys) fraasi] B78
    |           |--B. africanus (Andrews 1899) B78
    |           |--B. andrewsi Schmidt 1913 B78
    |           |--B. gorringei (Andrews & Beadnell 1902) B78
    |           |--B. parvus (Andrews 1906) B78
    |           `--B. rugulosus Schmidt 1913 B78
    |--+--Anthracotherium BLB05
    |  `--+--Brachyodus BLB05
    |     |    |--B. aequatorialis MacInnes 1951 BLB05, B78 [=Masritherium aequitorialis B78]
    |     |    |--B. andrewsi Schmidt 1913 S68
    |     |    |--B. gorringei (Andrews & Beadnell 1902) S68
    |     |    |--B. parvulus (Andrews 1906) S68
    |     |    `--B. rugulosus Schmidt 1913 S68
    |     `--Elomeryx Marsh 1894 SOG09, D07
    |          |--E. armatus BLB05
    |          |--E. crispus OB13
    |          `--E. woodi D07
    `--+--+--Libycosaurus petrocchii Bonarelli 1947 SOG09, B78 [=Merycopotamus petrocchii B78]
       |  `--+--Leptoreodon TC07
       |     `--+--Heteromeryx TC07
       |        `--Protoceratidae SOG09
       `--Ruminantia [Tragulina] SOG09
            |  i. s.: Russa equina M89
            |         Cervulus M89
            |           |--C. crinifrons TD89
            |           |--C. feae Thomas & Doria 1889 TD89
            |           |--C. moschatus TD89
            |           |--C. muntjac M89
            |           |--C. reevesii D59
            |           `--C. vaginalis D59
            |         Indomeryx JS88
            |         Pseudoceras JS88
            |         Pseudomeryx JS88
            |         Archaeomeryx Matthew & Granger 1925 D07 [Archaeomerycidae HD03]
            |           `--A. optatus D07
            |         Hexameryx White 1941 D07
            |           |--H. elmori D07
            |           `--H. simpsoni D07
            |--Tragulidae JS88
            `--+--Bachitherium [Bachitheriidae] JS88
               `--+--Pecora JS88
                  `--Lophiomerycidae JS88
                       |--Lophiomeryx JS88
                       |--Cryptomeryx JS88
                       `--Iberomeryx JS88

*Type species of generic name indicated


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