Reconstruction of Chalicotherium, from here.

Belongs within: Perissodactyla.

The Chalicotheriidae are a group of perissodactyls known from the Eocene to Pleistocene of Eurasia and North America, with a limited record from Africa. Members of this group possessed feet with large fissured claws rather than hooves and may have been upright browsers in the manner of gorillas or ground sloths.

    |--Borissiakia betpakdalensis Borissiak 1946 [=Phyllotillon betpakdalensis] C75
    |--Nestoritherium C75
    |--Grangeria HD04
    |--Schizotherium HD04
    |    |--S. priscum C75
    |    `--S. turgaicum C75
    |--Phyllotillon B78
    |    |--P. bavaricum (von Koenigswald 1932) B78, C75 [=Metaschizotherium bavaricum B78]
    |    `--P. naricus C75
    |--Ancylotherium B78
    |    |  i. s.: A. hennigi (Dietrich 1942) [=Metaschizotherium hennigi; incl. M. transvaalensis George 1950] B78
    |    |         A. pentelicum B78
    |    `--A. (Metaschizotherium von Koenigswald 1932) C75
    |         `--A. (M.) fraasi (von Koenigswald 1932) [=Metaschizotherium fraasi] C75
    |--Moropus Marsh 1877 HD04, D07
    |    |--M. elatus Marsh 1877 [incl. M. parvus Barbour 1909, M. petersoni Holland 1908] C75
    |    |--M. hollandi D07
    |    |--M. matthewi D07
    |    |--M. merriami D07
    |    `--M. oregonensis D07
    `--Chalicotherium Kaup 1833 D07
         |--C. gigantium D07
         |--C. goldfussi C75
         |--C. grande [=Macrotherium grande] B78
         |--C. pilgrimi B78
         |--C. rusingense Butler 1962 B78
         |--C. salinum D07
         `--C. wetzleri B78

*Type species of generic name indicated


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