Dexopollenia flava, copyright @sabikikori5.

Belongs within: Calyptratae.
Contains: Miltogramminae, Paramacronychiinae, Sarcophaginae, Rhiniidae, Calliphoridae, Tachinidae, Rhinophoridae, Pollenia, Sepimentum.

The Oestroidea are a group of calyptrate flies united by features including a row of bristles on the meron and wings with vein M1 distinctly bent forward distally. Members of the clade mostly feed as larvae on decaying organic matter or develop as parasitoids of invertebrates; a smaller number are parasites of vertebrates.

Synapomorphies (from Kutty et al. 2010): Meron bearing vertical row of bristles; anatergite bearing patch of setulae ventral to proximal rim of lower calypter; distal part of wing vein M deflected forwards to join C before wing apex; phallus bearing cuticular denticles on ventral surface of distal section.

<==Oestroidea [Calliphoroidea, Tachinoidea]
    |  i. s.: Ulurumyia Michelsen & Pape 2017 [Ulurumyiidae] MP17
    |           `--*U. macalpinei Michelsen & Pape 2017 MP17
    |--+--Mystacinobia Holloway 1976 PG-M04 [Mystacinobiidae KP10]
    |  |    `--*M. zelandica Holloway 1976 PG-M04
    |  `--Sarcophagidae [Sarcophagoidea] KP10
    |       |  i. s.: Athyrsia L59
    |       |         *Mulsantia campestris L59
    |       |         Anica campestris M90
    |       |         Sphecapata conica BM76
    |       |         Opsidea BM76
    |       |         Amobiopsis BM76
    |       |--Miltogramminae KP10
    |       `--+--Paramacronychiinae KP10
    |          `--Sarcophaginae KP10
    `--+--Rhiniidae KP10
       `--+--Calliphoridae KP10
          `--+--+--Tachinidae KP10
             |  `--+--Rhinophoridae KP10
             |     `--Helicoboscinae [Helicoboscini] KP10
             |          |--Gulmargia Rognes 1993 PG-M04
             |          |    `--*G. angustisquama Rognes 1993 PG-M04
             |          `--Eurychaeta Brauer & Bergenstamm 1891 (see below for synonymy) PG-M04
             |               |--*E. muscaria (Meigen 1826) [=Sarcophaga muscaria] PG-M04
             |               `--E. palpalis (Robineau-Desvoidy 1830) KP10, PG-M04 (see below for synonymy)
             `--+--Stevenia KP10
                |    |  i. s.: S. subpellucida F92
                |    |--S. hertingi Kugler 1978 KP10
                |    `--+--S. atramentaria (Meigen 1824) KP10
                |       `--Paykullia maculata KP10
                `--Polleniinae [Polleniini] KP10
                     |--Pollenia KP10
                     |--Sepimentum PG-M04
                     |--Wilhelmina Schmitz & Villeneuve 1932 PG-M04
                     |    `--*W. nepenthicola Schmitz & Villeneuve 1932 PG-M04
                     |--Nepenthomyia Kurahashi & Beaver 1979 PG-M04
                     |    `--*N. malayana Kurahashi & Beaver 1979 PG-M04
                     |--Nesodexia Villeneuve 1911 PG-M04
                     |    `--*N. corsicana Villeneuve 1911 PG-M04
                     |--Anthracomyza Malloch 1927 [=Anthracomyia Malloch 1927 non Rondani 1856] PG-M04
                     |    `--*A. atratula (Malloch 1927) [=*Anthracomyia atratula] PG-M04
                     |--Melanodexia Williston 1893 [incl. Melanodexiopsis Hall 1948] PG-M04
                     |    |--*M. tristis Williston 1893 PG-M04
                     |    |--M. grandis S87
                     |    `--*Melanodexiopsis’ tristina Hall 1948 PG-M04
                     |--Morinia Robineau-Desvoidy 1830 (see below for synonymy) PG-M04
                     |    |--M. melanoptera (Fallén 1817) W87, PG-M04 (see below for synonymy)
                     |    |--M. nana F92
                     |    |--M. piliforaea PG-M04
                     |    `--M. slenfini PG-M04
                     |--Xanthotrixus Aldrich 1930 PG-M04
                     |    |--*X. mongol Aldrich 1930 PG-M04
                     |    |--X. bazini PG-M04
                     |    |--X. draco Aldrich 1930 F92
                     |    |--X. melanurus Fan 1992 F92
                     |    `--X. uniapicalis Fan 1992 F92
                     `--Dexopollenia Townsend 1917 [incl. Lispoparea Aldrich 1930] PG-M04
                          |--*D. testacea Townsend 1917 PG-M04
                          |--D. flava (Aldrich 1930) F92 [=*Lispoparea flava PG-M04]
                          |--D. geniculata Malloch 1935 F92
                          |--D. maculata Villeneuve 1933 F92
                          |--D. nigriscens Fan 1992 F92
                          `--D. uniseta Fan 1992 F92

Eurychaeta Brauer & Bergenstamm 1891 [incl. Helicobosca Bezzi 1906, Theria Robineau-Desvoidy 1830 (preoc.)] PG-M04

Eurychaeta palpalis (Robineau-Desvoidy 1830) KP10, PG-M04 [=*Theria palpalis PG-M04, *Helicobosca palpalis PG-M04]

Morinia Robineau-Desvoidy 1830 [incl. Anthracomyia Rondani 1856, Calobatemyia Macquart 1835, Disticheria Enderlein 1934] PG-M04

Morinia melanoptera (Fallén 1817) W87, PG-M04 [=Musca melanoptera PG-M04, Anthracomyia melanoptera W87, *Disticheria melanoptera PG-M04; incl. *Anthracomyia genei Rondani 1862 PG-M04, A. geneji PG-M04, *Calobatemyia nigra Macquart 1835 PG-M04, *Morinia velox Robineau-Desvoidy 1830 PG-M04]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 24 November 2019.

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