Heterostylum robustum, copyright iNaturalist.

Belongs within: Bombyliidae.
Contains: Bombylius.

The Bombyliinae are a group of mostly very hairy bee flies.

Characters (from Greathead et al. 2009): Antenna often thickened, scape usually shorter than flagellum; pronotum not distinct; body usually broad, usually densely hairy; wings normally broad, usually with well-developed alula and calypter; wing membrane without scales; female with well-developed sand-chamber guarded by dense long hairs; spermatheca with distinct terminal bulb.

<==Bombyliinae KME08
    |--Conophorini GEEL09
    |    |--Conophorus fenestratus H81
    |    `--Sparnopolius GEEL09
    |         |--S. confusus KME08
    |         `--S. lherminierii H81
    `--Bombyliini GEEL09
         |--Bombylius KME08
         |--Neodischistus GEEL09
         |    |--N. collaris GEEL09
         |    `--N. currani GEEL09
         `--Heterostylum GEEL09
              |--H. robustum GEEL09
              `--H. rufum GEEL09

Bombyliinae incertae sedis:
  Anastoechus barbatus KME08
  Aldrichia ehrmanii KME08
  Triploechus novum H81
  Geminaria H81
  Systoechus KME08
    |--S. candidulus KME08
    |--S. nitidulus K01
    |--S. somali A71
    `--S. vulgaris KME08
  Staurostichus CM91
  Sisyromyia CM91
  Meomyia CM91

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[KME08] Kits, J. H., S. A. Marshall & N. L. Evenhuis. 2008. The bee flies (Diptera: Bombyliidae) of Ontario, with a key to the species of eastern Canada. Canadian Journal of Arthropod Identification 6: 1–52.

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