Geron, possibly G. calvus, copyright Chris Hartley.

Belongs within: Bombyliidae.

The Toxophorinae are a group of slender bee flies with a more or less humped thorax.

<==Toxophorinae [Systropinae]
    |--Dolichomyia gracilis H81
    |--Toxophora [Toxophorini] GEEL09
    |    |--T. amphitea KME08
    |    |--T. varipennis GEEL09
    |    `--T. virgata H81
    |--Systropus [Systropodini] KME08
    |    |--S. acutus GEEL09
    |    |--S. columbianus GEEL09
    |    |--S. flavoornatus CM91
    |    `--S. macer KME08
    `--Geron [Geroninae, Gerontini] KME08
         |  i. s.: G. albarius H81
         |         G. holosericeus GEEL09
         |         G. rufipes GEEL09
         |--G. (Geron) KME08
         |    |--G. (G.) prosopidis KME08
         |    `--G. (G.) vitripennis KME08
         `--G. (Empidigeron) calvus KME08

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[KME08] Kits, J. H., S. A. Marshall & N. L. Evenhuis. 2008. The bee flies (Diptera: Bombyliidae) of Ontario, with a key to the species of eastern Canada. Canadian Journal of Arthropod Identification 6: 1–52.

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