Black compost fly Scatopse notata, copyright Miroslav Deml.

Belongs within: Bibionomorpha.

The Scatopsoidea are a clade of flies united by wings with M1+2 fused to Rs for a distance, and M3 and im lost; at least living species also have the larval head greatly reduced (Blagoderov et al. 2002). Members of the Scatopsidae have a single-segmented palpus and five to ten antennal flagellomeres (Amorim 2009) whereas Synneuridae have a four-segmented palpus and ten to fourteen flagellomeres (Peterson & Cook 1981).

<==Scatopsoidea BLM02
    |--Mesoscatopse RJ93 [Protoscatopsidae BLM02]
    |    `--M. rohdendorfi Kovalev in Kalugina & Kovalev 1985 RJ93
    |--Synneuridae [Canthyloscelidae, Hyperoscelididae] BLM02
    |    |--Exiliscelis californiensis PC81
    |    |--Prohyperoscelis jurassicus Kovalev in Kalugina & Kovalev 1985 RJ93
    |    `--Synneuron PC81
    |         |--S. annulipes PC81
    |         |--S. decipiens PC81
    |         `--S. silvestre PC81
    `--Scatopsidae A09
         |  i. s.: Pocolohostema Cook 1971 H02
         |         Parmaferia O98
         |         Aldrorardiella Enderlein 1936 H02
         |--Ectaetia [Ectaetiinae] A09
         |    `--E. clavipes C81
         |--Aspistinae A09
         |    |--Arthria analis A09, C81
         |    `--Aspistes A09
         |         |--A. berolinensis G20
         |         `--A. harti A09
         |--Psectrosciarinae A09
         |    |--Anapausis soluta A09
         |    `--Psectrosciara A09
         |         |--P. californica A09
         |         `--P. serrata A09
         `--Scatopsinae A09
              |  i. s.: Sinoscatopse Hong 2002 H02
              |           `--*S. eocenica Hong 2002 H02
              |--Colobostematini A09
              |    |--Colobostema variatum A09
              |    |--Borneoscatopse A09
              |    |--Holoplagia guamensis A09
              |    |--Lumpuria A09
              |    |--Cookella albitarsis A09
              |    `--Ferneiella A09
              |--Scatopsini A09
              |    |--Reichertella Enderlein 1912 A09, H02
              |    |--Apiloscatopse uncinata A09
              |    |--Pharsoreichertella A09
              |    `--Scatopse Greoffroy 1762 H02
              |         |--S. fuscipes CM91
              |         |--S. nigra L02
              |         `--S. notata [=Bibio (Scatopse) notatus] G20
              |--Rhegmoclematini A09
              |    |--Diamphidicus [Diamphidicina] A09
              |    |--Holoclema [Holoclematina] A09
              |    |--Rhegmoclematina A09
              |    |    |--Parmaferia A09
              |    |    |--Thripomorpha truncatum [=Rhegmoclema truncatum] A09
              |    |    `--Rhegmoclema Enderlein 1936 H02
              |    `--Parascatopsina A09
              |         |--Parascatopse wirthi A09
              |         |--Austroclemina A09
              |         |--Neorhegmoclemina Cook 1955 A09, H02
              |         |    `--N. asymmetrica A09
              |         `--Rhegmoclemina Enderlein 1936 A09, H02
              |              `--R. bimaculata A09
              `--Swammerdamellini A09
                   |--Akorhexoza cactivora A09
                   |--Coboldia fuscipes A09
                   |--Pararhexosa A09
                   |--Hawomersleya A09
                   |--Abrhexoza A09
                   |--Cooka A09
                   |--Brahemyia A09
                   |--Swammerdamella Enderlein 1912 H02
                   |    `--S. obtusa A09
                   |--Quateiella A09
                   |    |--Q. inexpectata A09
                   |    `--Q. minuscula A09
                   `--Rhexoza A09
                        |--R. incisa A09
                        `--R. similis A09

*Type species of generic name indicated


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