Garlic fly Suillia sp., from here.

Belongs within: Schizophora.
Contains: Anthomyzidae.

The Heleomyzidae are a group of flies characterised by strong, convergent postocellar bristles, wing with a subcostal but no humeral break, and a preapical dorsal bristle on each tibia. The circumscription of the group has been disputed; as recognised below, it may be paraphyletic to the family Anthomyzidae (Wiegmann et al. 2011) and some authors have divided it between a number of families. Members of the tribe Rhinotorini have unusually tall heads with an excavated vertex and lacking postocellar bristles, and wings without spaced costal spines (McAlpine & Woodley 2010). The Trixoscelidini have ocellar bristles arising outside the ocellar triangle, alongside or in front of the anterior ocellus.

<==Heleomyzidae [Cnemospathidae, Helomyzidae]
    |--Trixoscelidini [Trixoscelidae, Trixoscelididae] MW10
    |    |--Spilochroa ornata MW10
    |    |--Zagonia flavicornis T87
    |    |--Paratrixoscelis T87
    |    |--Psiloplogia T87
    |    `--Trixoscelis WT11
    |         |--T. frontalis T87
    |         `--T. fumipennis MW10
    `--+--Anthomyzidae WT11
       `--Suillia [Suilliinae, Suilliini] WT11
            |--S. iniens MW10
            |--S. longipennis MW10
            |--S. lurida GP87
            |--S. punctulata MW10
            `--S. variegata WT11

Heleomyzidae incertae sedis:
  Chiropteromyza GE05
  Heleomyzini [Heleomyzinae] MW10
    |--Tephrochlamys rufiventris MW10, GP87
    |--Oecothea [incl. Aecothea, Neoecothea] MW10
    |    `--O. fenestralis CM70 [incl. Aecothea fidelis GP87]
    |--Scoliocentra [incl. Amoebaleria] MW10
    |    `--S. helvola [=Amoebaleria helvola] MW10
    |--Pseudoleria MW10
    |    |--P. pectinata CM70
    |    `--P. placata MW10 [incl. P. crassata GP87]
    `--Heleomyza GP87
         |--H. maculipennis [=Scoliocentra (Leriola) maculipennis; incl. H. difficilis] GP87
         `--H. serrata GP87
  Cinderella [Cinderellini] MW10
    `--C. lampra MW10
  Borboropsis [Borboropsidae] GP87
    `--B. puberula [incl. B. fulviceps] GP87
  Oldenbergiella brumalis GP87
  Lutomyia GP87
    |--L. hemiptera GP87
    `--L. spurca GP87
  Rhinotorini [Rhinotoridae] MW10
    |--Rhinotora MW10
    |--Rhinotoroides M87
    |--Anastomyza M87
    |--Apophoneura M87
    |--Zentula M87
    |--Neorhinotora MW10
    |    |--N. aristalis MW10
    |    `--N. diversa MW10
    `--Cairnsimyia M87
         |--C. aroana O98
         |--C. excavata M87
         `--C. robusta M87
  Paraneossos [Gephyromyzini] MW10
    `--P. arizonicus GP87
  Prosopantrum [Cnemospathidini] MW10
    `--P. flavifrons MW10
  Tapeigaster [Tapeigastrini] CM91
    `--T. annulipes CM91
  Allophylopsini CM91
    |--Diplogeomyza diaphora CM91
    `--Allophylopsis CM70
  Neossos T87
  Anorostoma GP87
    |--A. coloradense GP87
    `--A. currani O98
  Porsenus johnsoni GP87
  Allophyla atricornis [incl. A. laevis] GP87
  Morpholeria tristis GP87
  Schroederella GP87
    |--S. iners GP87
    `--S. luteoala GP87
  Orbellia GP87
  Eccoptomera GP87
  Neoleria GP87
  Spanoparea GP87
  Anypotacta GP87
  Trichochlamys borealis GP87
  Cephodapedon T87
  Chaetohelomyza electrica RJ93
  Electroleria P92
  Protosuillia P92

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 29 June 2021.

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