Male Amblypsilopus scintillans, copyright Kurt Hennige.

Belongs within: Dolichopodidae.

The Sciapodinae are a group of dolichopodid flies with a deeply excavated vertex and/or a prominent fork in vein M1+2 (Bickel 2013). In members of the subcosmopolitan genus Mesorhaga, vein M is unbranched (with M2 totally absent) but is slightly bent anteriad beyond crossvein dm-cu (Bickel 2009).

Characters (from Bickel 2013): Vertex usually strongly excavated on either side of ocellar tubercle, or if weakly excavated, vein M distinctly branched, with M2 present at least as fold on membrane; scutum short, about as wide as long; hypopygium exerted and distinctly pedunculate; posterior mesonotum never flattened.

<==Sciapodinae B13
    |--Sciapus connexus B09, CM91
    |--Pilbara Bickel 1994 B13
    |    `--P. octava Bickel 1994 B13
    |--Parentia Hardy 1935 B13
    |    `--P. vulgaris Bickel 1994 B13
    |--Dytomyia Bickel 1994 B13
    |    `--D. flaviseta Bickel 1994 B13
    |--Chrysosoma Guérin-Méneville 1831 B13
    |    |--C. nobile Parent 1933 B13
    |    `--C. proliciens B13
    |--Heteropsilopus CM91
    |    |--H. cingulipes CM91
    |    `--H. ingenuus CM91
    |--Condylostylus B09
    |    |--C. brevis B09
    |    |--C. graenicheri B09
    |    `--C. sipho M81
    |--Mesorhaga Schiner 1868 B13
    |    |--M. flavicoma Bickel 1984 B13
    |    |--M. lacrymans B09
    |    |--M. longipenis Bickel 1994 B13
    |    `--M. pallidicornis B09
    |--Pseudoparentia Bickel 1994 B13
    |    |--P. advena B13
    |    |--P. canalicula Bickel 2013 B13
    |    |--P. centralis B13
    |    `--P. niharae Bickel 2013 B13
    `--Amblypsilopus Bigot 1888 B13
         |--A. commoni B13
         |--A. fortescuia Bickel 1994 B13
         |--A. gressitti Bickel 1994 B13
         |--A. maculus B09
         |--A. neoplatypus B13
         |--A. pallidicornis B13
         |--A. putealis Bickel 1994 B13
         |--A. scintillans [=Sciapus scintillans] B09
         `--A. zonatus B13

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B09] Bickel, D. J. 2009. Dolichopodidae (long-legged flies). In: Brown, B. V., A. Borkent, J. M. Cumming, D. M. Wood, N. E. Woodley & M. A. Zumbado (eds) Manual of Central American Diptera vol. 1 pp. 671–694. NRC Research Press: Ottawa.

[B13] Bickel, D. J. 2013. The family Dolichopodidae (Diptera) of the Pilbara region, Western Australia in its Australasian biogeographic context, with the description of 19 new species. Records of the Western Australian Museum Supplement 83: 291–348.

[CM91] Colless, D. H., & D. K. McAlpine. 1991. Diptera (flies). In: CSIRO. The Insects of Australia: A textbook for students and research workers 2nd ed. vol. 2 pp. 717–786. Melbourne University Press: Carlton (Victoria).

[M81] McAlpine, J. F. 1981. Morphology and terminology—adults. In: McAlpine, J. F., B. V. Peterson, G. E. Shewell, H. J. Teskey, J. R. Vockeroth & D. S. Wood (eds) Manual of Nearctic Diptera vol. 1 pp. 9–63. Research Branch, Agriculture Canada.

Last updated: 31 January 2021.

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