Window gnat Sylvicola sp., copyright Martin Cooper.

Belongs within: Neoneura.
Contains: Scatopsoidea, Pachyneuroidea, Sciaroidea.

The Bibionomorpha are a clade of flies supported by molecular data, including the gnats and related taxa. Members include the wood gnats of the Anisopodidae whose saprophagous larvae have a characteristic vigorous serpentine movement (Hancock & Amorim 2009).

<==Bibionomorpha WT11
    |--+--+--Scatopsoidea WT11
    |  |  `--Valeseguya [Valeseguyidae] GE05
    |  |       `--V. disjuncta GE05
    |  `--+--+--Pachyneuroidea WT11
    |     |  `--Sciaroidea WT11
    |     `--Axymyiidae [Axymyioidea, Axymyiomorpha] WT11
    |          |--Axymyia furcata W81
    |          |--Protaxymyia W81
    |          |    |--P. japonica W81
    |          |    `--P. melanoptera W81
    |          `--Mesaxymyia W81
    |               |--M. kerteszi W81
    |               `--M. stackelbergi W81
    `--Anisopodoidea [Rhyphidea] BLM02
         |  i. s.: Protolbiogaster [Protolbiogastridae] P81
         |           `--P. rhaetica P81
         |         Hongocaloneura Evenhuis 1994 [Hongocaloneuridae] H02
         |           `--*H. plectilis (Hong 1981) [=Caloneura plectilis] H02
         |--Protorhyphus RJ93 [Protorhyphidae GE05]
         |    |--P. major Kovalev 1990 RJ93
         |    `--P. ovisimilis RJ93
         `--+--Crosaphis [Crosaphididae] GE05
            |    `--C. anomala RJ93
            `--Anisopodidae [Anisopidae, Phryneidae, Rhyphidae, Sylvicolidae] WT11
                 |  i. s.: Mesorhyphus GE05
                 |         Tonnoirina O98
                 |         Eoanisopodites Hong 2002 H02
                 |           `--*E. fushunensis Hong 2002 H02
                 |         Olbiogasterosten Sacken 1886 H02
                 |--Mycetobiinae [Mycetobiidae] HA09
                 |    |--Mesochria HA09
                 |    |    |--M. neotropica GE05
                 |    |    `--M. scottiana O98
                 |    |--Mycetobia HA09
                 |    |    |--M. divergens HA09
                 |    |    `--M. pallipes [=Mycetophila (Mycetobia) pallipes] G20
                 |    `--Neomesochria HA09
                 |         |--N. limanda HA09
                 |         `--N. stonei HA09
                 `--Anisopodinae [Olbiogastridae, Olbiogastrinae] HA09
                      |--Lobogaster P81
                      |--Carreraia P81
                      |--Anisopus Meigen 1803 H02
                      |--Olbiogaster P81
                      |    |--O. africanus HA09
                      |    |--O. perezi GE05
                      |    |--O. sackeni HA09
                      |    `--O. taeniata P81
                      `--Sylvicola HA09
                           |--S. alternatus HA09
                           |--S. dubius CM91
                           |--S. fenestralis HA09 [=Anisopus fenestralis P81]
                           |--S. picturatus [=Anisopus picturatus] HA09
                           `--S. punctatus P81

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 4 February 2021.

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