Representative features of Holoneurus strobilophilus, from Foote (1956). Labels: a, male terminalia; b, wing; c, male palpus; d, hind claw, male; g, fifth flagellar segment, male.

Belongs within: Cecidomyiidae.

The Porricondylinae are a group of midges whose larvae are mostly mycophagous in decaying wood and vegetation though some may secondarily invade living plant tissue (Gagné 1981).

Characters (from Gagné 1981): Ocelli absent. Basal section of Rs as strong as other wing veins; vein M1+2 usually absent. Male gonocoxites united ventrally. Female cercus usually two-segmented.

    |--Haplusia [Diallactini] G81
    |    `--H. cinca GJ09
    |--Dirhiza [Dirhizini] G81
    |    `--D. papillata G81
    |--Winnertziini G81
    |    |--Winnertzia fungicola G81
    |    |--Parwinnertzia notmani G81
    |    `--Kronomyia populi G81
    |--Dicerurini G81
    |    |--Tetraneuromyia apicalis G81
    |    `--Dicerura GJ09
    |         |--D. furcata [=Neosynepidosis furcata] GJ09
    |         `--D. oregonensis G81
    |--Heteropezini G81
    |    |--Heteropeza pygmaea Winnertz 1846 G81, PN02 [incl. Oligarces paradoxus Meinert 1865 PN02]
    |    |--Henria G81
    |    |--Heteropezina cathistes G81
    |    `--Miastor G81
    |         |--M. americana G81
    |         `--M. metroloas G81
    |--Asynaptini G81
    |    |--Asynapta mangiferae GJ09
    |    |--Colomyia hordei G81
    |    |--Camptomyia aestiva G81
    |    |--Feltomyina polymera G81, GJ09
    |    |--Pseudocamptomyia photophila G81
    |    `--Parasynapta canadensis G81
    `--Porricondylini G81
         |--Solntsevia maculata G81
         |--Parepidosis G81
         |--Holoneurus G81
         |    |--H. multinodus F56
         |    |--H. occidentalis GJ09
         |    |--H. photophilus F56
         |    `--H. strobilophilus Foote 1956 F56
         |--Coccopsis marginata G81
         |--Claspettomyia niveitarsus G81
         |--Neocolpodia pinea G81
         |--Isocolpodia graminis G81
         |--Monepidosis carolina G81
         |--Schistoneurus pectinatus G81
         |--Basicondyla fultonensis G81
         |--Porricondyla G81
         |    |--P. carolina G81
         |    `--P. nigripennis G81
         `--Ruebsaamenia Kieffer 1894 F56
              |--*R. pectoralis [=Asynapta pectoralis] F56
              `--R. keeni Foote 1956 F56

*Type species of generic name indicated


[F56] Foote, R. H. 1956. Gall midges associated with cones of western forest trees (Diptera: Itonididae). Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences 46 (2): 48–57.

[G81] Gagné, R. J. 1981. Cecidomyiidae. In: McAlpine, J. F., B. V. Peterson, G. E. Shewell, H. J. Teskey, J. R. Vockeroth & D. S. Wood (eds) Manual of Nearctic Diptera vol. 1 pp. 257–292. Research Branch, Agriculture Canada.

[GJ09] Gagné, R. J., & M. Jaschhof. 2009. Cecidomyiidae (gall midges). In: Brown, B. V., A. Borkent, J. M. Cumming, D. M. Wood, N. E. Woodley & M. A. Zumbado (eds) Manual of Central American Diptera vol. 1 pp. 293–314. NRC Research Press: Ottawa.

[PN02] Pollock, D. A., & B. B. Normark. 2002. The life cycle of Micromalthus debilis LeConte (1878) (Coleoptera: Archostemata: Micromalthidae): historical review and evolutionary perspective. Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research 40 (2): 105–112.

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