Trichostomum crispulum, photographed by Hermann Schachner.

Belongs within: Pottiaceae.

Trichostomum is a genus of mostly tall, relatively robust mosses (Dixon 1924).

Characters (from Dixon 1924): Plants for the most part tall, rather robust; leaves usually narrow, elongate, with lax, pellucid, or hyaline basal cells, and minute, obscure, papillose upper areolation, curled and often strongly cirrate-incurved when dry. Capsule oblong or cylindrical, peristomate, teeth slender, divided to or nearly to base into two filiform division, more or less imperfect, or long, erect, oblique or contorted. Dioicous.

<==Trichostomum Bruch 1829 SK02
    |--T. austrocrispum (Beckett) Zander 1993 (see below for synonymy) SK02
    |--T. bombayense N02
    |--T. brachydontium Bruch 1829 (see below for synonymy) SK02
    |--T. crispulum Bruch 1829 SK02 [=Mollia crispula D24; incl. M. scaphoidea D24]
    |    |--T. c. var. crispulum D24
    |    |--T. c. var. brevifolium D24
    |    |--T. c. var. elatum D24
    |    |--T. c. var. nigro-viride D24
    |    `--T. c. var. viridulum [incl. T. crispulum var. angustifolium, T. crispulum var. longifolium] D24
    |--T. diminutum [=Timmiella diminuta] SK02
    |--T. eckelianum Zander 1993 (see below for synonymy) SK02
    |--T. flavovirens [=Mollia flavovirens; incl. Barbula limosa, M. subbifaria] D24
    |--T. fragile [=Barbula fragilis, Didymodon fragilis, Mollia fragilis; incl. Barbula aggregata, Mollia thrausta] D24
    |--T. hibernicum [=Mollia hibernica, Tortula hibernica; incl. Barbula cirrifolia] D24
    |--T. leptotheca Müll.Hal. 1868 (n. d.) SK02
    |--T. limosellum (Stirt.) Dixon 1924 [=Barbula limosella] D24
    |--T. mutabile [incl. Mollia brachydontia, M. compressa, M. intumescens, M. lutescens] D24
    |    |--T. m. var. mutabile D24
    |    |--T. m. var. cophocarpum D24
    |    `--T. m. var. littorale [=Mollia littoralis; incl. T. episemum] D24
    |--T. nitidum [=Mollia nitida, Tortula nitida] D24
    |--T. pallidum [=Ditrichum pallidum] SK02
    |--T. polyphyllum SK02 [=Bryum polyphyllum D24, Glyphomitrium polyphyllum D24, Ptychomitrium polyphyllum SK02]
    |--T. sublamprothecium J87
    |--T. tenuirostre [=Weisia tenuirostris, Mollia tenuirostris; incl. Didymodon cylindricus] D24
    |    |--T. t. var. tenuirostre D24
    |    |--T. t. var. daldinianum D24
    |    `--T. t. var. holtii [incl. Mollia terrena] D24
    `--T. tortuosum [=Barbula tortuosa, Bryum tortuosum, Mollia tortuosa] D24
         |--T. t. var. tortuosum D24
         |--T. t. var. dicranoideum [=Mollia tortuosa var. dicranoidea] D24
         `--T. t. var. fragilifolium [=Barbula tortuosa var. fragilifolia] D24

Nomina nuda: Trichostomum albovaginatum Hampe ex Müll.Hal. 1901 SK02
             Trichostomum weymouthii Müll.Hal. 1901 [=Desmatodon weymouthii Watts & Whitel. 1902] SK02

Trichostomum austrocrispum (Beckett) Zander 1993 [=Weissia austrocrispa (Beckett) Stone 1980; incl. Pleuridium lanceolatum (R.Br.bis) Paris 1898] SK02

Trichostomum brachydontium Bruch 1829 [incl. Tortella aristatula Broth. ex Watts & Whitel. 1902 (n. n.), Tr. aristatulum Broth. 1916] SK02

Trichostomum eckelianum Zander 1993 [incl. Tortella cirrhata Broth. 1902, Tr. cirrhatum (preoc.), To. subflavovirens Broth. & Watts 1915] SK02

*Type species of generic name indicated


[D24] Dixon, H. N. 1924. The Student's Handbook of British Mosses 3rd ed. V. V. Sumfield: Eastbourne.

[J87] Judd, W. S. 1987. Floristic study of Morne La Visite and Pic Macaya National Parks, Haiti. Bulletin of the Florida State Museum—Biological Sciences 32 (1): 1–136.

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