Bryum section Eu-Bryum

Bryum caespiticium, from the Ohio Moss and Lichen Association.

Belongs within: Bryaceae.

The section Eu-Bryum of the genus Bryum includes often tall mosses with rather long, narrow leaves (Dixon 1924).

Characters (from Dixon 1924): Innovations usually not julaceous, cells wider, more or less hexagonal-rhomboid. Inner peristome perfect. Outer teeth pale yellow above, at base thickened, deeper in colour, orange. Spores small.

<==Bryum sect. Eu-Bryum D24
    |--*B. argenteum Hedw. 1801 SK02, D24, SK02 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--B. a. var. argenteum D24
    |    `--B. a. var. majus [incl. B. perpusillum] D24
    |--B. affine [=Webera affinis] D24
    |    |--B. a. var. affine D24
    |    `--B. a. var. cirratum D24
    |--B. alpinum Huds. ex Withering 1801 D24, SK02
    |    |--B. a. var. alpinum D24
    |    |--B. a. var. distantifolium D24
    |    |--B. a. var. meridionale D24
    |    `--B. a. var. viride D24
    |--B. atropurpureum [incl. B. barnesii] D24
    |    |--B. a. var. atropurpureum D24
    |    `--B. a. var. gracilentum [incl. B. elegantulum] D24
    |--B. caespiticium Hedw. 1801 D24, SK02 [=B. cespiticium (l. c.) SK02]
    |    |--B. c. var. caespiticium [incl. B. laxirete (preoc.)] SK02
    |    |--B. c. var. badium D24
    |    |--B. c. var. crinitum Wilson 1859 SK02
    |    `--B. c. var. imbricatum [incl. B. caespiticium var. kunzei] D24
    |--B. dixoni Card. ex Nicholson 1901 D24
    |--B. donianum D24
    |--B. elegans FHH01 [=B. capillare var. elegans D24; incl. B. barbatum D24, B. leptaleum D24, B. stirtoni D24]
    |--B. erythrocarpum [incl. B. sanguineum] D24
    |--B. gemmiparum D24
    |--B. intermedium (Brid.) Bland. 1809 D24, SK02
    |--B. mildeanum D24
    |--B. muehlenbeckii Bruch & Schimp. 1846 D24, SK02 [incl. B. cheelii SK02]
    |--B. murale D24
    |--B. neodamense D24
    |--B. pallescens D24
    |--B. provinciale D24
    |--B. pseudotriquetrum (Hedw.) Gaertn. 1802 D24, SK02 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--B. p. var. pseudotriquetrum D24
    |    `--B. p. var. compactum non B. pendulum var. compactum D24
    |--B. rubens Mitt. 1856 D24, SK02
    |--B. rufifolium Dixon 1924 [=B. rubicundum Stirton non C.M. 1859] D24
    `--B. sauteri Bruch & Schimp. 1846 D24, SK02

*Bryum argenteum Hedw. 1801 SK02, D24, SK02 [incl. B. amblyolepis SK02, B. amblophyllum (nom. inv.) SK02, B. austroargenteum (n. n.) SK02, B. hampeanum (n. n.) SK02, B. leucophyllum Dozy & Molk. 1844 SK02, B. argenteum var. niveum Wilson 1859 SK02, B. parasemum D24]

Bryum pseudotriquetrum
(Hedw.) Gaertn. 1802 D24, SK02 [incl. B. austroaffine SK02, B. pseudotriquetrum var. bimum SK02, B. intortulum D24, B. rubiginosum SK02, B. subventricosum SK02, B. tasmanicum SK02, B. ventricosum (nom. illeg.) SK02]

*Type species of generic name indicated


[D24] Dixon, H. N. 1924. The Student's Handbook of British Mosses 3rd ed. V. V. Sumfield: Eastbourne.

[FHH01] Frey, W., M. Hofmann & H. H. Hilger. 2001. The gametophyte-sporophyte junction: unequivocal hints for two evolutionary lines of archegoniate land plants. Flora 196: 431–445.

[SK02] Streimann, H., & N. Klazenga. 2002. Catalogue of Australian Mosses. Flora of Australia Supplementary Series 17. Australian Biological Resources Study: Canberra.

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