Grimmia pulvinata, copyright Michael Becker.

Belongs within: Grimmiales.

Grimmia is a genus of mostly short-stemmed mosses found growing in close cushions or tufts on rocks (Dixon 1924).

Characters (from Dixon 1924): Mostly short-stemmed, growing in close cushions or tufts on rocks; stems dichotomous. Leaves crowded, more or less lanceolate, usually hyaline-pointed, margin frequently thickened, almost always entire; areolation short and often opaque above. Seta arcuate or straight. Calyptra smooth; capsule oval. Peristome teeth 16, cleft at apex or entire, lanceolate.

<==Grimmia Hedw. 1801 SK02
    |--G. subg. Eu-Grimmia D24
    |    |--G. alpestris D24 [incl. G. doniana var. sudetica D24, SK02, G. ungeri D24]
    |    |--G. arenaria [incl. G. curvula] D24
    |    |--G. atrata D24
    |    |--G. calyptrata D24
    |    |--G. commutata D24
    |    |--G. decipiens [=Trichostomum decipiens; incl. G. schultzii, G. subaquila] D24
    |    |--G. donniana Smith 1804 D24, SK02
    |    |--G. elatior D24
    |    |--G. elongata D24
    |    |--G. funalis (Schwägr.) Bruch & Schimp. 1845 D24, SK02 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--G. hartmani D24
    |    |--G. homodictyon Dixon 1901 D24
    |    |--G. inaequalis D24, SK02 [incl. G. incrassicapsulis SK02]
    |    |--G. incurva [incl. G. contorta] D24
    |    |--G. montana D24
    |    |--G. muehlenbeckii D24
    |    |--G. orbicularis Bruch 1844 D24, SK02 [incl. G. campbelliae Müll.Hal. 1898 SK02]
    |    |--G. ovalis (Hedw.) Lindb. 1871 D24, SK02
    |    |--G. ovata [incl. G. hemipolia] D24
    |    |    |--G. o. var. ovata D24
    |    |    `--G. o. var. cylindrica D24
    |    |--G. patens [=Bryum patens, Rhacomitrium patens] D24
    |    |--G. pennsylvanica D24
    |    |--G. pulvinata (Hedw.) Smith 1807 D24, SK02
    |    |    |--G. p. var. pulvinata SK02
    |    |    `--G. p. var. africana (Hedw.) Hooker & Wilson 1854 SK02 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--G. retracta Stirton 1886 (see below for synonymy) D24
    |    |--G. robusta [=G. decipiens var. robusta] D24
    |    |--G. stirtoni D24
    |    |--G. subsquarrosa D24
    |    |    |--G. s. var. subsquarrosa D24
    |    |    `--G. s. var. edinensis D24
    |    |--G. subsulcata D24
    |    |--G. torquata D24
    |    |--G. trichophylla D24 (see below for synonymy)
    |    `--G. unicolor D24
    `--G. subg. Gasterogrimmia D24
         |--G. anodon Bruch & Schimp. 1845 D24, SK02
         `--G. crinita D24

Grimmia incertae sedis:
  G. amblyophylla D03
  G. argentea M49
  G. asperitricha M49
  G. australis (Dixon & Sainsbury) Muñoz & Ochyra 1999 SK02
  G. austrofunalis Müll.Hal. 1898 SK02
  G. austro-leucophaea D03
  G. cyathocarpa (Hampe) Mitt. 1882 [=Guembelia cyathocarpa] SK02
  G. depressa D03
    |--G. d. var. depressa D03
    `--G. d. var. terrestris D03
  G. fallax Dusén 1903 D03
  G. humilis D03
  G. laevigata (Brid.) Brid. 1826 (see below for synonymy) SK02
  G. longirostris Hooker 1818 SK02
  G. macroperichaetialis Greven 1998 SK02
  G. macropulvinata Dusén 1903 D03
  G. paramattensis Müll.Hal. 1898 (n. d.) SK02
  G. redunca N02
  G. reflexidens Müll.Hal. 1849 SK02
  G. subcallosa Müll.Hal. 1898 (n. d.) SK02
  G. tortuosa D03

Nomina nuda: Grimmia arachnoidea Dusén 1903 D03
             Grimmia australasica Mitt. ex Watts & Whitel. 1902 SK02
             Grimmia austroapocarpa Müll.Hal. ex Watts & Whitel. 1902 SK02
             Grimmia encalyptoides Müll.Hal. ex Watts & Whitel. 1902 SK02
             Grimmia flexiseta Dusén 1903 D03
             Grimmia histrioipila Müll.Hal. ex Watts & Whitel. 1902 SK02
             Grimmia pachyphylla Müller in Dusén 1903 [=Andreaea pachyphylla Dusén 1903] D03
             Grimmia pycnophylla Dusén 1903 D03
             Grimmia scabridorsum Broth. ex Watts & Whitel. 1902 SK02

Grimmia funalis (Schwägr.) Bruch & Schimp. 1845 D24, SK02 [=Trichostomum funale D24, Eugrimmia funalis (nom. inv.) SK02; incl. Grimmia horni D24]

Grimmia laevigata (Brid.) Brid. 1826 [incl. G. campestris, G. leiocarpa, G. leucophaea, G. leucophaea var. subrotunda] SK02

Grimmia pulvinata var. africana (Hedw.) Hooker & Wilson 1854 SK02 [incl. Gr. trichophylla var. australis (nom. inv.) non Gr. australis (Dixon & Sainsbury) Muñoz & Ochyra 1999 SK02, Gr. pulvinata var. basaltica M49, SK02, Gr. callosa SK02, Gr. cygnicolla SK02, Dryptodon obtusus D24, Gr. pulvinata var. obtusa (nom. illeg.) SK02, Guembelia obtusata SK02, Gr. obtusata (Müll.Hal. & Hampe) Jaeger 1874 SK02, Gr. pygmaea Müll.Hal. 1849 SK02, Gr. tasmanica Müll.Hal. 1898 SK02, Gr. woollsiana Müll.Hal. 1898 SK02]

Grimmia retracta Stirton 1886 [incl. G. retracta var. submutica non Grimmia apocarpa f. submutica Watts & Whitel. 1902] D24

Grimmia trichophylla D24 [incl. G. crispatula SK02, G. fuliginea D24, G. polita D24, G. stenophylla Müll.Hal. 1898 SK02, G. undulata D24]

*Type species of generic name indicated


[D24] Dixon, H. N. 1924. The Student's Handbook of British Mosses 3rd ed. V. V. Sumfield: Eastbourne.

[D03] Dusén, P. 1903. Patagonian and Fuegian mosses. In: Scott, W. B. (ed.) Reports of the Princeton University Expeditions to Patagonia, 1896–1899 vol. 8. Botany pp. 63–126. The University: Princeton (New Jersey).

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