Wavy hair-grass Deschampsia flexuosa, photographed by Botaurus.

Belongs within: Pooideae.

Deschampsia is a genus of grasses found in cold and temperate regions of the world.

Characters (from Cheeseman 1906): Perennial grasses. Leaves narrow, flat or convolute. Spikelets rather small, 2-flowered, arranged in lax or contracted panicles; rhachilla disarticulating above the 2 outer glumes, produced between the flowering glumes and above the upper flower as a naked or hairy bristle, rarely ending in an imperfect flower. Glumes 4; 2 outer slightly unequal, persistent, empty, keeled, acute, membranous, shining ; 3rd and 4th (or flowering glumes) membranous or almost hyaline, toothed at the apex ; dorsal awn slender, twisted at the base, sometimes very small or wanting. Palea narrow, 2-nerved. Lodicules 2, ovate. Stamens 3. Styles distinct; stigmas plumose. Grain oblong, enclosed within the unaltered flowering glume and palea.

<==Deschampsia C06
    |--D. aciphylla D03
    |--D. andina Phil. 1873 [=Deyeuxia andina] S06
    |--D. caespitosa [=Aira caespitosa; incl. Aira australis, Agrostis aucklandica, Aira kingii] C06
    |--D. chapmani Petrie 1891 C06 (see below for synonymy)
    |--D. flexuosa D03
    |--D. gracillima Kirk 1891 C06
    |--D. kingii D03
    |--D. klossii C78
    |--D. novae-zealandiae Petrie 1891 [incl. D. hookeri Kirk 1891] C06
    |--D. penicillata Kirk 1895 C06
    |--D. pusilla Petrie 1891 C06
    `--D. tenella Petrie 1891 C06

Deschampsia chapmani Petrie 1891 C06 [incl. Catabrosa antarctica C06, D. antarctica S03, Triodia antarctica Benth. 1881 C06]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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