Reed bent-grass Deyeuxia quadriseta, from here.

Belongs within: Pooideae.

Deyeuxia is a genus of grasses found in temperate habitats.

Characters (from Cheeseman 1906): Annual or perennial grasses. Leaves flat or involute ; ligules membranous. Spikelets small, 1-flowered, arranged in effuse or contracted or spike-like panicles with capillary whorled branches; rhachilla disarticulating above the 2 outer glumes, produced beyond the flower into a silky bristle. Glumes 3; 2 outer equal or subequal, persistent, empty, keeled, acute, not awned, usually 1-nerved; 3rd or flowering glume shorter than the empty glumes or equalling them, thin and hyaline or rigidly membranous or almost coriaceous, 5-nerved, entire or 2-4-dentate, callus at the base silky; awn generally present, straight or twisted, inserted above or below the middle of the glume. Palea more than half as long as the flowering glume or almost equalling it, thin, 2-nerved or 2-keeled. Stamens 3. Styles distinct, short; stigmas plumose. Grain oblong or obovoid, enclosed within the flowering glume and palea.

    |--D. aucklandica W91
    |--D. avenoides [=Agrostis avenoides] C06
    |    |--D. a. var. avenoides C06
    |    `--D. a. var. brachyantha Hack. in Cheeseman 1906 C06
    |--D. billardieri [=Agrostis billardieri] C06
    |    |--D. b. var. billardieri C06
    |    `--D. b. var. tenuis Petrie in Cheeseman 1906 C06
    |--D. filiformis A27
    |--D. forsteri [=Agrostis forsteri; incl. Ag. aemula, Avena filiformis, Ag. solandri] C06
    |    |--D. f. var. forsteri C06
    |    |--D. f. var. humilior Hack. in Cheeseman 1906 [incl. Agrostis striata Col. 1889] C06
    |    |--D. f. var. littoralis Hack. in Cheeseman 1906 C06
    |    |--D. f. var. lyallii Hack. in Cheeseman 1906 [=Agrostis lyallii] C06
    |    |--D. f. var. micrathera Hack. in Cheeseman 1906 C06
    |    |--D. f. var. pilosa Cheeseman 1906 [=Agrostis pilosa] C06
    |    `--D. f. var. semiglabra Hack. in Cheeseman 1906 C06
    |--D. holciformis O88
    |--‘Agrostis’ leptostachya C06
    |--‘Calamagrostis’ lilloi Hackel in Stuckert 1906 S06
    |--‘Calamagrostis’ malamalensis Hackel in Stuckert 1906 S06
    |--D. nepalensis O88
    |--D. nivicola O88
    |--D. pulchella O88
    |--D. quadriseta [=Agrostis quadriseta, Avena quadriseta] C06
    |--D. scabra [=Agrostis scabra] C06
    |--D. scabrescens O88
    |--D. setifolia [=Agrostis setifolia] A27
    |--‘Calamagrostis’ spiciformis Hackel in Stuckert 1906 S06
    `--D. youngii [=Agrostis youngii] C06
         |--D. y. var. youngii C06
         `--D. y. var. petriei [=Calamagrostis petriei Hack. 1903] C06

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[W91] Williams, P. A. 1991. Subalpine and alpine vegetation of granite ranges in western Nelson, New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Botany 29: 317–330.

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