Hedwigia ciliata, copyright Michael Becker.

Belongs within: Bryidae.

The Hedwigiales are a group of acrocarpous mosses with procumbent stems that lack a peristome on the capsule.

<==Hedwigiales SK02
    |--Rhacocarpus Lindb. 1863 [Rhacocarpaceae] SK02
    |    |--R. purpurascens (Brid.) Paris 1900 (see below for synonymy) SK02
    |    `--R. rehmannianus (Müll.Hal.) Wijk & Margad. 1960 SK02
    |         |--R. r. var. rehmannianus SK02
    |         `--R. r. var. webbianus (Müll.Hal.) Frahm 1996 (see below for synonymy) SK02
    `--Hedwigiaceae SK02
         |--Hedwigidium Bruch & Schimp. 1846 SK02
         |    `--H. integrifolium (Palisot de Beauvois) Dixon 1939 SK02 (see below for synonymy)
         `--Hedwigia Palisot de Beauvois 1804 SK02
              `--H. ciliata (Hedw.) Palisot de Beauvois 1805 (see below for synonymy) SK02
                   |--H. c. var. ciliata D24
                   |--H. c. var. leucophaea D24
                   `--H. c. var. striata D24

Nomina nuda: Hedwigidium campbellii Müll.Hal. ex Weymouth 1894 [=Braunia campbellii Müll.Hal. ex Fleischer 1920] SK02
             Hedwigidium weymouthii Fleischer 1920 [=Braunia weymouthii Müll.Hal. ex Fleischer 1920] SK02
             Rhacocarpus patagonicus Dusén 1903 D03

Hedwigia ciliata (Hedw.) Palisot de Beauvois 1805 [=Anictangium ciliatum, Schistidium ciliatum; incl. Hedwigia albicans (nom. illeg.), H. juratzkae, Pilotrichum microcyatheum, Cryphaea microcyathea, Hedwigia microcyathea, H. novae-valesiae (nom. inv.), H. occidentalis (nom. inv.), Anictangium planifolium, H. albicans var. viridis (comb. inv.)] SK02

Hedwigidium integrifolium
(Palisot de Beauvois) Dixon 1939 SK02 [=Hedwigia integrifolia SK02; incl. Schistidium drummondii SK02, Hedwigia imberbis var. drummondii SK02, Hedwigidium drummondii SK02, Neckera drummondii SK02, N. emersa SK02, Harrisonia emersa (n. n.) SK02, Hedwigia emersa (n. n.) SK02, Hedwigidium emersum SK02, Gymnostomum imberbe D24, Hedwigia imberbis SK02, Hedwigidium imberbe SK02, Schistidium australe (nom. inv.) SK02]

Rhacocarpus purpurascens (Brid.) Paris 1900 [incl. Braunia humboldtii, Harrisonia humboldtii, Hedwigia humboldtii, Rhacocarpus humboldtii; incl. Harrisonia australis, R. australis] SK02

Rhacocarpus rehmannianus var. webbianus (Müll.Hal.) Frahm 1996 [=Harrisonia webbiana, R. webbianus (Müll.Hal.) Paris 1900] SK02

*Type species of generic name indicated


[D24] Dixon, H. N. 1924. The Student's Handbook of British Mosses 3rd ed. V. V. Sumfield: Eastbourne.

[D03] Dusén, P. 1903. The vegetation of western Patagonia. In: Scott, W. B. (ed.) Reports of the Princeton University Expeditions to Patagonia, 1896–1899 vol. 8. Botany pp. 1–34. The University: Princeton (New Jersey).

[SK02] Streimann, H., & N. Klazenga. 2002. Catalogue of Australian Mosses. Flora of Australia Supplementary Series 17. Australian Biological Resources Study: Canberra.

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