Vorticella campanula, copyright Protist Information Server.

Belongs within: Oligohymenophorea.

The Vorticellidae are a group of sessile ciliates that live attached to their substrate by a contractile stalk.

    |--Cothurniopsis imberbis D01
    |--Carchesium H04
    |    |--C. limneticum C79
    |    `--C. polypinum H04
    |--Lagenophrys D01
    |    |--L. monolistrae S86
    |    `--L. vaginicola D01
    |--Cothurnia D01
    |    |--C. crystallina D01
    |    `--C. oblonga SX97
    |--Zoothamnium BK77
    |    |--Z. alternans C79
    |    |--Z. arbuscula C79
    |    |--Z. parasita D01
    |    `--Z. vermicola [=Myoschiston vermicola] BK77
    `--Vorticella Linnaeus 1767 FT93
         |--V. campanula SX97
         |--V. convallaria C79
         |--V. microstoma LB90
         |--V. monilata SX97
         |--V. nebulifera LB90
         |--V. picta SX97
         |--V. punctata BK77
         `--V. similis SX97

*Type species of generic name indicated


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