Black tyrant ants Iridomyrmex anceps or I. rufoniger attacking a caterpillar, from Brisbane Insects.

Belongs within: Dolichoderinae.

Iridomyrmex, the meat ants, is a genus of often aggressive, generalist carnivorous and scavenging ants.

Characters (from Heterick 2009): Eyes placed relatively high on sides of head capsule, about the mid-point; anterior margin of clypeus usually with central protuberance (rarely absent); palpal formula 6, 4.

<==Iridomyrmex Mayr 1862 B03
    |--*I. detectus B03
    |--I. agilis H09
    |--I. anceps (Roger 1863) [=Formica anceps] B03
    |    |--I. a. anceps E14
    |    `--I. a. papuanus [incl. I. a. papuana var. neocaledonica Emery 1914] E14
    |--I. bicknelli H09
    |    |--I. b. bicknelli H09
    |    `--I. b. brunneus [incl. I. gracilis minor] H09
    |--I. calvus Emery 1914 E14
    |--I. chasei H09
    |    |--I. c. chasei H09
    |    |--I. c. concolor H09
    |    `--I. c. yalgooensis H09
    |--I. conifer Forel 1902 K09
    |--I. discors H09 [incl. I. discors var. exilior S36]
    |--I. dromus H09
    |--I. exsanguis H09
    |--I. gracilis H09
    |    |--I. g. gracilis H09
    |    |--I. g. fusciventris H09
    |    `--I. g. spurcus H09
    |--I. greensladei H09
    |--I. hartmeyeri H09
    |--I. hesperus H09
    |--I. humilis H79
    |--I. iniquus WW90
    |--I. innocens [incl. I. argutus, I. occiduus] H09
    |--I. laevigatus Emery 1894 B03
    |--I. lividus H09
    |--I. mattiroloi H09
    |    |--I. m. mattiroloi H09
    |    |--I. m. continentis H09
    |    `--I. m. splendens H09
    |--I. nitidiceps E14
    |--I. notialis H09
    |--I. obsidianus Emery 1914 E14
    |--I. prismatis H09
    |--I. purpureus H09
    |--I. reburrus H09
    |--I. rufoniger H09
    |    |--I. r. rufoniger H09
    |    |--I. r. domesticus H09
    |    `--I. r. suchieri H09
    |--I. setoconus H09
    |--I. sommeri For. 1902 [=I. glaber sommeri; incl. I. glaber sommeri var. janthina Emery 1914] E14
    |--I. spodipilus H09
    |--I. turbineus H09
    `--I. viridaeneus H09

*Type species of generic name indicated


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