Common marauding katydid Metaballus frontalis, copyright William Archer.

Belongs within: Tettigonioidea.

The Tettigoniinae, shield-backed katydids, are a group of katydids that often have the pronotum produced rearwards over the front of the abdomen (Rentz 1996).

Characters (from Rentz 1996): Fastigium of vertex as broad as width of first antennal segment to half width of same; fore tibia bearing a single spine on posterior margin of dorsal surface; hind tarsus with plantula, which is usually half length of first tarsal segment.

<==Tettigoniinae R96
    |  i. s.: Glenbalodectes amaroo R96
    |--Onconotini R96
    |--Tettigonia K09 [Tettigoniini R96]
    |    |--T. albida K08
    |    |--T. albifrons D95
    |    |--T. cantans K09
    |    `--T. viridissima K09
    |--Platycleidini R96
    |    |--Austrodectes monticolus R96
    |    `--Platycleis K09
    |         |--P. albopunctata K09
    |         |--P. camellifolia F01
    |         `--P. denticulata F92
    |--Glyphonotini R96
    |    |--Chlorodectes montanus R96
    |    |--Ectopistidectes daptes R96
    |    `--Metaballus R96
    |         |--M. alatus R91
    |         |--M. brevipennis R96
    |         |--M. frontalis R96
    |         |--M. mucronatus R96
    |         `--M. sagaeformis R96
    `--Nedubini R96
         |--Chinnandectes R96
         |--Platyproctidectes R96
         |--Rhachidorus longipennis R96
         |--Throscodectes R96
         |--Xederra barbarae R96
         |--Oligodectoides tindalei R96
         |--Dexerra vigescens R96
         |--Ixalodectes megacercus R96
         |--Nanodectes harpax R96
         |--Antipodectes R96
         |    |--A. brevicaudus MC13
         |    `--A. giganteus R96
         |--Neduba GE05
         |    |--N. (Neduba) castanea W01
         |    `--N. extincta GE05
         |--Lanciana R96
         |    |--L. hesperpotana R96
         |    |--L. montana R96
         |    `--L. occidentalis R96
         `--Oligodectes R96
              |--O. longicercus R96
              |--O. pallens R96
              `--O. urostegus R96

*Type species of generic name indicated


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