Rhinocricus sp., from here.

Belongs within: Spirobolida.

The Rhinocricidae are a family of millipedes found in Central and northern South America, and from Indonesia and the Philippines to eastern Australia.

Characters (from Marek et al. 2003): Collum wide with a broad, rounded ventrolateral aspect; scobinae usually present. Anterior and posterior gonopods separate; posterior gonopods (phallopods) usually nestled within gonocoel of anterior gonopod (coleopod). Anterior gonopod comprising a sternite that is usually triangular-shaped, transverse proximally and narrow distally. Coxal aspect of posterior gonopod typically narrow and flattene, telopodite either flagellate or spatulate.

    |--Perucricus Kraus 1954 K54a
    |    `--*P. rostratus Kraus 1954 K54a
    |--Eurhinocricus K54a
    |    |--E. angustiramus Kraus 1954 K54a
    |    `--E. peruvianus Kraus 1954 K54a
    `--Rhinocricus K55
         |--R. aguaytiae Kraus 1955 K55
         |--R. annexus Chamberlin 1941 K55
         |--R. bicornis B13
         |--R. biincisus B13
         |--R. brevipes B13
         |--R. buergeri Silvestri 1899 K54a
         |--R. caudatus B13
         |--R. centralis K54b
         |--R. cophurus Chamberlin 1941 K55
         |--R. crepidatus [=Spirobolus (Rhinocricus) crepidatus, Pelmatoiulus crepidatus] B13
         |--R. cristovalensis B13
         |--R. dimissus B13
         |--R. dives B13
         |--R. excavatus B13
         |--R. fasciculatus B13
         |--R. gazellensis B13
         |--R. gravis B13
         |--R. mertensi Kraus 1954 K54b
         |--R. montivagus B13
         |--R. motulensis K54b
         |--R. opulentus B13
         |--R. sennae B13
         |--R. simulans K54b
         |--R. siviensis Verhoeff 1941 K55
         |--R. undulatus B13
         `--R. zaratensis Kraus 1955 K55

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B13] Brölemann, H. W. 1913. The Myriapoda in the Australian Museum. Part ii. Diplopoda. Records of the Australian Museum 10 (6): 77-158, plates XIV-XVIII.

[K54a] Kraus, O. 1954a. Myriapoden aus Peru, II. Senckenbergiana Biologica 35: 17-55.

[K54b] Kraus, O. 1954b. Myriapoden aus El Salvador. Senckenbergiana Biologica 35 (5-6): 293-349.

[K55] Kraus, O. 1955. Myriapoden aus Peru, III. Senckenbergiana Biologica 36 (3-4): 173-200.

Marek, P. E., J. E. Bond & P Sierwald. 2003. Rhinocricidae systematics II: a species catalog of the Rhinocricidae (Diplopoda: Spirobolida) with synonymies. Zootaxa 308: 1-108.

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