Tropical house cricket Gryllodes supplicans, copyright Elliotte Rusty Harold.

Belongs within: Grylloidea.
Contains: Gryllus.

The Gryllinae, field crickets and house crickets, include the most familiar members of the cricket family. Some species, such as the tropical house cricket Gryllodes sigillatus, have become abundant worldwide in association with human activity. The black field crickets of the genus Teleogryllus may be serious pasture pests in parts of their range in Australia and Oceania. Members of the genus Apterogryllus are large crickets that live in deep burrows in hard soils (Rentz 1996).

Characters (from Rentz 1996): Head without dorsal bristles. Fore tibia with both anterior and posterior auditory tympana, with posterior tympanum only, or without tympana. Hind tibia without spines between spurs.

<==Gryllinae R96
    |--Gymnogryllus R96 [Gymnogryllini R91]
    |--Cephalogryllus R96 [Cephalogryllini R91]
    |--Gryllomorphini R91
    |    |--Eurygryllodes gorimuis R91, MC13
    |    `--Malua R91
    |--Gryllini O94
    |    |--Gryllus RH15
    |    `--Teleogryllus O94
    |         |--T. commodus R96
    |         |--T. oceanicus (le Guillou 1841) [=Gryllus oceanicus] O94
    |         `--T. wernerianus O94
    |--Modicogryllini O94
    |    |--Modicogryllus pacificus Otte 1994 O94
    |    |--Loxoblemmus R91
    |    |--Lepidogryllus R91
    |    |    |--L. comparatus R96
    |    |    `--L. parvulus R96
    |    `--Gryllodes O94
    |         |--G. laplatae R15
    |         |--G. sigillatus (Walker 1869) [=Gryllus sigillatus] O94
    |         `--G. supplicans R91
    `--Brachytrupini [Brachytrupinae] O94
         |--Notosciobia O94
         |--Apterogryllus O94
         |    |--A. brunnerianus R96
         |    `--A. palpatus MC13
         |--Anurogryllus O94
         |    |--A. arborius O94
         |    `--A. muticus (DeGeer 1773) [=Gryllus muticus] R18
         `--Brachytrupes BM76
              |--B. achatinus BM76
              `--B. megacephalus BM76

Gryllinae incertae sedis:
  Maluagryllus R96
  Cyrtoprosopus R96
  Daintria bookandrini R96
  Yarrita pikiara R96
  Comidogryllus R96
  Birubia R96
  Buangina diminuens R96
  Melanogryllus desertus (Pallas 1771) P05
  Eumodicogryllus bordigalensis (Latreille 1804) (see below for synonymy) P05
  Hygronemobius albipalpus (Saussure 1877) [=Nemobius albipalpus] R18
  Hemigryllus ortonii (Scudder 1869) [=Nemobius ortonii; incl. H. kreichbaumeri] R18
  Aphemogryllus Rehn 1918 R18
    `--*A. gracilis Rehn 1918 R18
  Miogryllus R18
    |--M. convolutus (Johannson 1763) [=Gryllus convolutus] R18
    |--M. lineatus RH15
    |--M. tucumanensis (Giglio-Tos 1894) [=Gryllus (Miogryllus) tucumanensis] R18
    `--M. verticalis (Serville 1839) R18 (see below for synonymy)
  Aritella MC13
    |--A. curtipennis O94
    |--A. fabria O94
    |--A. murwillumba O94
    `--A. ulmarra O94
  Rufocephalus MC13

Eumodicogryllus bordigalensis (Latreille 1804) [=Modicogryllus bordigalensis, Tartarogryllus bordigalensis, T. burdigalensis (l. c.)] P05

Miogryllus verticalis (Serville 1839) R18 [=Gryllus verticalis RH15; incl. M. laplatae RH15, M. saussurei RH15]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[R96] Rentz, D. 1996. Grasshopper Country: The abundant orthopteroid insects of Australia. University of New South Wales Press: Sydney.

Last updated: 23 May 2022.

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