Spirostreptus ibanda, copyright Gey-stern.

Belongs within: Eugnatha.

The Spirostreptidae is a family of often large millipedes.

Characters (from Hoffman 1990): Stipes of gnathochilarium widely separated by large central mentum, but lingual lamellae in contact, not separated by mentum or promentum; lateral ends of collum with several parallel engraved striations; sterna, pleura and terga coalesced into rigid cylindrical rings, with pleural sclerites completely coalesced with lower ends of terga, no suture line remaining; segment 3 without legs.

<==Spirostreptidae [Spirostreptidea]
    |  i. s.: Charactopygus frequens H02
    |         Orthoporus C90
    |           |--O. cobanus L62
    |           |--O. flavior C90
    |           |--O. kiemi Loomis 1962 L62
    |           |--O. luchicolens L62
    |           |--O. ornatus C90
    |           `--O. paxillicauda Loomis 1962 L62
    `--Spirostreptinae K55
         |--Spirostreptus ibanda H02
         |--Epistreptus K55
         |    |--E. (Epistreptus) K55
         |    |    |--*E. (E.) oscenus Silvestri 1897 K55
         |    |    `--E. (E.) silvestrii Kraus 1955 K55
         |    `--E. (Microtrullius) vagans (Chamberlin 1922) (see below for synonymy) K54
         `--Scaphiostreptus [incl. Andineptus Chamberlin 1941] K55
              |  i. s.: S. rugiceps K54
              `--S. (Scaphiostreptus) K55
                   |--S. (S.) absconsus (Chamberlin 1922) [=Orthoporus absconsus] K54
                   |--S. (S.) apheles (Chamberlin 1941) [=Andineptus apheles] K55
                   |--S. (S.) broelemanni (Verhoeff 1941) K55
                   |--S. (S.) delectus (Chamberlin 1941) [=Andineptus delectus] K55
                   |--S. (S.) huallagae Kraus 1955 K55
                   |--S. (S.) perditus (Chamberlin 1941) [=Andineptus perditus] K55
                   |--S. (S.) pongus (Chamberlin 1941) [=Andineptus pongus] K55
                   `--S. (S.) salvadoricus Kraus 1954 K54

Epistreptus (Microtrullius) vagans (Chamberlin 1922) [=Gymnostreptus vagans; incl. G. pacificus Chamberlin 1922, Epistreptus (Microtrullius) pacificus] K54

*Type species of generic name indicated


[C90] Crawford, C. S. 1990. Scorpiones, Solifugae, and associated desert taxa. In: Dindal, D. L. (ed.) Soil Biology Guide pp. 421–475. John Wiley & Sones: New York.

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[K54] Kraus, O. 1954. Myriapoden aus El Salvador. Senckenbergiana Biologica 35 (5-6): 293–349.

[K55] Kraus, O. 1955. Myriapoden aus Peru, III. Senckenbergiana Biologica 36 (3-4): 173–200.

[L62] Loomis, H. F. 1962. Two unusual Central American spirostreptid milliped species. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington 75: 47–52.

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