Gonopods of Fagina silvatica, from Mauriès (2003).

Belongs within: Chordeumatida.

The Neoatractosomatoidea is a group of chordeumatidan millipedes found mostly in souther Europe, characterised by the males having flagella on the anterior gonopods only, with no flagella on the posterior gonopods (Mauriès 2003).

See also: The importance of genitalia.

    |--Cyrnosoma Mauriès 1969 [Cyrnosomatidae] M03
    |    `--‘Neoatractosoma’ strandi Attems 1927 M03
    `--Neoatractosomatidae M03
         |--Trimerophorinae M03
         |    |--Osellasoma Mauriès 1985 [Osellasomatini] M03
         |    `--Trimerophorini M03
         |         |--Pseudocraspedosoma Silvestri 1898 (see below for synonymy) M03
         |         |--Mesotrimeron Verhoeff 1912 M03
         |         |--Trimerophorella Verhoeff 1902 M03
         |         |--Microbrachysoma Verhoeff 1897 [Microbrachysomatinae, Microbrachysomatini] M03
         |         |    `--*M. alpestre Verhoeff 1897 M03
         |         `--Epirosomella Strasser 1976 M03
         |              `--E. loebli Strasser 1976 M03
         `--Neoatractosomatinae M03
              |--Neoatractosoma Silvestri 1898 [Neoatractosomatini] M03
              `--Faginini [Faginidae] M03
                   |--Fagina Attems 1904 M03
                   |    `--*F. silvatica (Attems 1904) [=Heterolatzelia (Fagina) silvatica] M03
                   |--Paeonisoma Verhoeff 1932 M03
                   |    `--*P. faucium Verhoeff 1932 M03
                   `--Schizmohetera Mršić 1987 M03
                        |--*S. sketi Mršić 1987 M03
                        |--S. curcici Makarov 2001 M03
                        `--S. olympica Mauriès 2003 M03

Pseudocraspedosoma Silvestri 1898 [incl. Brentomeron Verhoeff 1934, Trimerophoron Rothenbühler 1900] M03

*Type species of generic name indicated


[M03] Mauriès, J.-P. 2003. Schizmohetera olympica sp. n. from Greece, with a reclassification of the superfamily Neoatractosomatoidea (Diplopoda: Chordeumatida). Arthropoda Selecta 12: 9-16.

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