Goodenia section Eugoodenia

Hop goodenia Goodenia ovata, copyright Friends of Baluk Willam Nature Conservation Reserve.

Belongs within: Goodeniaceae.

The section Eugoodenia of the genus Goodenia is characterised by having the ovules few or many in number, and imbricate in two rows in each cell (Black & Robertson 1965).

<==Goodenia sect. Eugoodenia
    |--G. subsect. Bracteolatae BR65
    |    |--G. affinis [incl. G. geniculata var. eriophylla] BR65
    |    |--G. amplexans BR65
    |    |    |--G. a. var. amplexans BR65
    |    |    `--G. a. var. angustifolia BR65
    |    |--G. geniculata BR65
    |    |--G. hirsuta BR65
    |    |--G. lanata BR65
    |    |--G. ovata BR65
    |    |--G. primulacea [=G. geniculata var. primulacea] BR65
    |    |--G. robusta [=G. geniculata var. robusta] BR65
    |    |--G. rotundifolia BR65
    |    |--G. strophiolata BR65
    |    |--G. unilobata Black 1927 BR65
    |    |--G. varia BR65
    |    `--G. vernicosa Black 1919 BR65
    |--G. subsect. Ebracteolatae BR65
    |    |--G. albiflora [=G. grandiflora var. albiflora] BR65
    |    |--G. anfracta BR65
    |    |--G. argentea BR65
    |    |--G. calcarata BR65
    |    |--G. cycloptera BR65
    |    |--G. glauca BR65
    |    |--G. grandiflora BR65
    |    |    |--G. g. var. grandiflora BR65
    |    |    |--G. g. var. chambersii BR65
    |    |    `--G. g. var. nicholsonii BR65
    |    |--G. havilandii BR65
    |    |    |--G. h. var. havilandii BR65
    |    |    `--G. h. var. pauperata BR65
    |    |--G. heterochila BR65
    |    |--G. heteromera BR65
    |    |    |--G. h. var. heteromera BR65
    |    |    `--G. h. var. deminuta BR65
    |    |--G. lunata BR65
    |    |--G. mitchellii BR65
    |    |--G. pinnatifida BR65
    |    |--G. pusilliflora BR65
    |    `--G. subintegra Mueller 1888 [incl. G. glauca var. sericea Bentham 1869] BR65
    `--G. (subsect. Racemosae) ramelii BR65

*Type species of generic name indicated


[BR65] Black, J. M., & E. L. Robertson. 1965. Flora of South Australia. Part IV. Oleaceae-Compositae. W. L. Hawes, Government Printer: Adelaide.

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