Anomopsocus amabilis, photographed by Diane Young.

Belongs within: Homilopsocidea.
Contains: Ectopsocus, Ectopsocopsis, Lachesilla.

The Lachesilloidea is a clade of barklice characterised by their bare hindwing margins and narrowed external valves on the gonapophyses (Yoshizawa 2002). An areola postica is present on the fore wing of Lachesillidae but absent in Ectopsocidae (New & Lienhard 2007).

Characters (from Yoshizawa 2002): Small in size, about 1.5–4 mm in length. Body generally pale brown to blackish-brown. Mostly collected from dead-foliage, ground litter, bird’s nests, and from bark. Head with rounded vertex; postclypeus less bulged; epistomal suture sometimes reduced, always without broad internal ridge; anteclypeus usually not sclerotized. Pre-episternum of prothorax elongate. Metaepimeron of Ectopsocidae with ball-shaped lobe laterally. Forewing hyaline, sometimes with blackish-brown markings; pterostigma usually shallow; areola postica, if present, usually free from M, absent in Ectopsocidae, and fused with M in some Lachesiliidae. Hindwing veins and margin glabrous; Rs and M + Cu fused for long distance basally; Rs and M fused (Lachesillidae) or connected by crossvein (Ectopsocidae). Tarsi 2- or 3-(Eolachesilla) segmented; claws with or without (Ectopsocidae) preapical tooth; pulvillus broad or narrow. Abdomen without eversible vesicles ventrally. Male genitalia: variable; clunium, epiproct, paraproct, and hypandrium often with various processes. Phallosome variable; endophallus usually with sclerites but absent in some genera of Lachesillidae. Female genitalia: subgenital plate with (Ectopsocidae and some genera of Lachesillidae) or without distal projection extended from dorsal margin. Dorsal and ventral valves of gonapophyses often reduced; external valve narrowed, bearing long setae.

    |--Ectopsocidae [Ectopsocinae] NL07
    |    |--Ectopsocus NL07
    |    |--Ectopsocopsis NL07
    |    |--Ectianoculus Li 1995 L02a
    |    |    `--*E. baishanzuicus Li 1995 L02a
    |    `--Estipulaceus Li 2002 [=Estippulaceae] L03
    |         |--*E. baidichengensis (Li 1997) L02b [=Ectopsocopsis baidichengensis L03, Ectopsocus baidichengensis L02a]
    |         |--E. biuncialis (Li 1995) [=Ectopsocus biuncialis] L02b
    |         |--E. crassiuncatus (Li 1997) [=Ectopsocopsis crassiuncatus] L02b
    |         |--E. daliensis Li 2002 L03
    |         |--E. longivalvus Li 2002 L02b
    |         |--E. mecophyllus Li 2002 L02b
    |         |--E. multiserratus Li 2002 L02b
    |         |--E. polyspilus Li 2002 L02b
    |         |--E. pseudosalpinx (Li 1993) [=Ectopsocus pseudosalpinx] L02b
    |         |--E. subulifolius Li 2002 L02b
    |         `--E. trimaculatus Li 2002 L02b
    `--Lachesillidae [Pterodelidae] NL07
         |  i. s.: Mesolachesilla Mockford 1986 L02b
         |--Cyclolachesillus Li 2002 [Cyclolachesillinae] L02b
         |    `--*C. ningxiaensis Li 2002 L02b
         |--Eolachesillinae NL07
         |    |--Eolachesilla Badonnel 1967 SN04 [Eolachesillini Y02]
         |    |    `--E. chilensis Y02
         |    `--Graphocaeciliini M93
         |         |--Anomopsocus Roesler 1940 (see below for synonymy) M93
         |         |    `--*A. amabilis (Walsh 1862) [=Psocus amabilis, Pseudopsocus amabilis, Amapsocus amabilis] M93
         |         |--Prolachesilla Mockford & Sullivan 1986 M93
         |         |    |--*P. mexicana M93
         |         |    `--P. terricola Mockford & Sullivan 1986 M93
         |         |--Nanolachesilla Mockford & Sullivan 1986 M93
         |         |    |--*N. hirundo Mockford & Sullivan 1986 M93
         |         |    |--N. chelata Mockford & Sullivan 1986 M93
         |         |    |--N. hirundoides M93
         |         |    `--N. nanciae Y02
         |         `--Graphocaecilius Enderlein 1900 SN04
         |              |--G. citramans M74
         |              |--G. enderleini B86
         |              |--G. incertus Badonnel 1986 B86
         |              |--G. interpretatus M74
         |              |--G. luridus M74
         |              |--G. normalis Mockford 1974 M74
         |              `--G. trypetoides M74
         `--Lachesillinae NL07
              |--Lachesilla NL07
              |--Nadleria Badonnel & Garcia Aldrete 1979 NL07, SN04
              |--Ceratolachesillus Li 2002 L02b
              |    `--*C. quinquecornus Li 2002 L02b [=C. quinquecornusus L03]
              |--Zangilachesilla Li 2002 L02b
              |    `--*Z. apterostigma Li 2002 L02b
              |--Homoeolachesilla Li 1995 L02b
              |    |--*H. tibetana Li 1995 L02b
              |    `--H. pinnulata Li 1995 L02b
              `--Zonolachesillus Li 2002 L02b
                   |--*Z. preductifascus Li 2002 L02b
                   |--Z. ambipullus Li 2002 L02b
                   |--Z. aterilineus Li 2002 [=Z. aterilienus] L03
                   |--Z. bicornis Li 2002 L02b
                   |--Z. crassibasius Li 2002 L02b
                   |--Z. exilicellus Li 2002 L02b
                   |--Z. lomatomelus Li 2002 L02b
                   |--Z. microplatyclatae (Li 1995) L03, L02b (see below for synonymy)
                   |--Z. oxyurus Li 2002 L02b
                   |--Z. parvus Li 2002 L02b
                   |--Z. platycladae (Li 1995) [=Lachesillus platycladae] L02b
                   |--Z. retimaculus Li 2002 L02b
                   |--Z. spadiceilabius Li 2002 L02b
                   `--Z. wenxianensis Li 2002 L02b

Anomopsocus Roesler 1940 [incl. Amapsocus Sommerman 1944, Antipsocus Roesler 1940, Pseudopsocus Chapman 1930 non Kolbe 1882; Antipsocinae] M93

Zonolachesillus microplatyclatae (Li 1995) L03, L02b [=Lachesillus microplatycladae L02b, Z. microplatycladae (l. c.) L03]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[Y02] Yoshizawa, K. 2002. Phylogeny and higher classification of suborder Psocomorpha (Insecta: Psocodea: ‘Psocoptera’). Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 136: 371–400.

Last updated: 15 August 2020.

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