Ectopsocus briggsi, copyright Christophe Quintin.

Belongs within: Lachesilloidea.

Ectopsocus is a genus of barklice including some of the most widespread psocid species not directly associated with humans. Males have a clunium bearing a row of teeth or other ornamentation; females have all three pairs of gonapophyses present and the subgenital plate is usually bilobed and setose (New & Lienhard 2007).

<==Ectopsocus McLachlan 1899 SN08 (see below for synonymy)
    |--*E. briggsi McLachlan 1899 SN08 [incl. E. limbatus Navás 1909 M93]
    |--E. adelphos Thornton & Wong 1968 NL07
    |--E. aethiops (Hagen 1859) NL07
    |--E. amblyura Thornton & Wong 1968 NL07
    |--E. amphithrix Thornton & Wong 1968 NL07
    |--E. anisodontus Li 2002 L02
    |--E. argus Thornton & Wong 1968 NL07
    |--E. axillaris (Smithers 1969) [=Interpsocus axillaris] SN08
    |--E. baliosus Thornton & Wong 1968 NL07
    |--E. barlowi New & Lee 1992 NL07
    |--E. basalis (Banks 1937) NL07
    |--E. berlesii Ribaga 1900 (n. d.) L98
    |--E. bicaudatus B55
    |--E. bifurcatus Vaughan, Thornton & New 1991 NL07
    |--E. brinchangensis New & Lee 1992 NL07
    |--E. brunneus (Edwards 1950) SN08 [=*Interpsocus brunneus NL07]
    |--E. californicus (Banks 1903) SN08 (see below for synonymy)
    |--E. cetratus SN08
    |--E. cinctus Thornton 1962 [=Estipulaceus cinctus] NL07
    |--E. cirratus Thornton & Wong 1968 NL07
    |--E. cluniatus Vaughan, Thornton & New 1989 NL07
    |--E. coccophilus Ball 1943 NL07
    |--E. columbianus Badonnel 1986 B86
    |--E. comitus Thornton & Wong 1968 [=Estipulaceus comitus] NL07
    |--E. coyae Schmidt & New 2008 SN08
    |--E. crinitus Thornton & Wong 1968 NL07
    |--E. cristatus Thornton & Wong 1968 NL07
    |--E. decenipunctatus Li 1993 [=E. decemipunctatus (l. c.), E. decenipnctatus] L03
    |--E. denervus Thornton & Wong 1968 NL07
    |--E. denotatus Thornton & Wong 1968 NL07
    |--E. dicroglossus Thornton & Wong 1968 NL07
    |--E. drepanus Thornton 1984 NL07
    |--E. edwardsi New 1973 SN08
    |--E. equidentus Li 1999 [=E. equicornutus] L03
    |--E. erosus (Enderlein 1903) NL07
    |--E. ewarti Vaughan, Thornton & New 1989 NL07
    |--E. femestratus Thornton & Wong 1968 L02
    |--E. fumidus Thornton & Wong 1968 NL07
    |--E. furcatus Thornton & Wong 1968 NL07
    |--E. gentingensis New & Lee 1992 NL07
    |--E. ghesquierei Ball 1943 L02
    |--E. graminus Schmidt & New 2008 SN08
    |--E. gyroancistrus Li 2002 L02
    |--E. heurni (Navás 1924) NL07
    |--E. hickmani Schmidt & New 2008 SN08
    |--E. hirsutus Thornton 1962 NL07 [=Ectotrichus hirsutus L03]
    |--E. hypandrus Thornton 1984 NL07
    |--E. inclinans Li 2002 L02
    |--E. innotatus Thornton & Wong 1968 NL07
    |--E. insularis Smithers & Thornton 1974 L02
    |--E. intersitus Thornton & Wong 1968 NL07
    |--E. isodentus Li 1997 L02
    |--E. kepongensis New & Lee 1992 NL07
    |--E. leteusistrius Li 2002 L02
    |--E. longitudinalis Li 2002 L02
    |--E. machadoi Badonnel 1955 B55
    |--E. macrotaenious Li 2002 L02
    |--E. maindroni Badonnel 1935 [=Estipulaceus maindroni] NL07
    |--E. marginatus M93
    |--E. meridionalis Ribaga 1904 NL07 [=E. briggsi var. meridionalis M93]
    |--E. musae (Kunstler & Chaine 1902) L98
    |--E. myrmecophilus (Enderlein 1903) NL07
    |--E. nerens (Hickman 1934) [=Micropsocus nerens] SN08
    |--E. nidicolus Thornton & Wong 1968 NL07
    |--E. nyingchiensis Li 2002 [=E. nyingchinensis] L02
    |--E. ornatus Thornton 1962 NL07 [=Ectotrichus ornatus L03]
    |--E. paraplesius Thornton & Wong 1968 NL07
    |--E. pearmani MG56
    |--E. petersi Smithers 1978 [incl. E. australis Schmidt & Thornton 1993] SN08
    |--E. pictus Mockford 1974 M74
    |--E. pilosus Badonnel 1967 NL07
    |--E. predanus Vaughan, Thornton & New 1989 NL07
    |--E. proctus New & Lee 1992 NL07
    |--E. punctatus M83
    |--E. quadratiapicius Li 2002 [=E. quadratiapicis] L03
    |--E. quadrisetus Li 2002 L02
    |--E. richardsi (Pearman 1929) L03 [=*Chaetopsocus richardsi NL07, Ectotrichus richardsi L03]
    |--E. ridderi Vaughan, Thornton & New 1989 NL07
    |--E. rileyae Schmidt & Thornton 1993 SN08
    |--E. risdonensis Schmidt & New 2008 SN08
    |--E. salpinx Thornton & Wong 1968 NL07
    |--E. setulosus Li 1997 L03, L02 [=*Ectotrichus setulosus L03]
    |--E. similis Badonnel 1955 B55
    |--E. speciosus Thornton & Wong 1968 NL07
    |--E. spilocephalus Li 1993 L02
    |--E. spilotus M93
    |--E. sprenti Schmidt & New 2008 SN08
    |--E. stictus Thornton & Wong 1968 NL07
    |--E. strauchi Enderlein 1906 [incl. Peripsocus opulentus Navás 1908] M93
    |--E. strictifoliatus Li 2002 L02
    |--E. sumatrensis Vaughan, Thornton & New 1991 NL07
    |--E. tenellus Thornton & Wong 1968 NL07
    |--E. thibaudi Badonnel 1979 M93
    |--E. thoi New & Lee 1992 NL07
    |--E. thysanus Thornton & Wong 1968 NL07
    |--E. tinctus Navás 1924 NL07
    |--E. titschacki Jentsch 1939 NL07 [incl. E. gabelensis Badonnel 1955 M93]
    |--E. triangulus Thornton & Wong 1968 NL07
    |--E. tridentatus Thornton 1962 L02 [=E. meridionalis tridentatus L98]
    |--E. uncinatus M93
    |--E. vachoni Badonnel 1945 NL07 [incl. E. dimorphus Mockford & Gurney 1956 M93]
    |--E. vacuus New & Lee 1992 NL07
    |--E. vannus Thornton & Wong 1968 NL07
    |--E. venosus Lienhard 2002 NL07
    |--E. vilhenai Badonnel 1955 NL07
    |--E. vishnyakovae Schmidt 1993 (see below for synonymy) L98
    |--E. waterstradti (Enderlein 1901) [=*Micropsocus waterstradti] NL07
    |--E. yongi New & Lee 1992 NL07
    `--E. zayuensis Li 2002 L02

Ectopsocus McLachlan 1899 SN08 [incl. Chaetopsocus Pearman 1929 L03, Ectotrichus Li 2002 L03, Interpsocus Edward 1950 L02, Micropsocus Enderlein 1901 L02]

Ectopsocus californicus (Banks 1903) SN08 [=Peripsocus californicus SN08; incl. E. congener Tillyard 1923 M93, E. froggatti Enderlein 1906 SN08]

Ectopsocus vishnyakovae Schmidt 1993 [incl. E. brunneus Vishnyakova in Svadzhyan et al. 1963 non Interpsocus brunneus Edwards 1950] L98

*Type species of generic name indicated


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