Ectopsocopsis cryptomeriae, from Takipororin.

Belongs within: Lachesilloidea.

Ectopsocopsis is a genus of ectopsocid barklice found in Eurasia, Africa and North America. Males have a complex clunial ornamentation, often with a row of teeth and/or extensive asymmetrical sclerotisation; females have the gonapophyses represented only by external valves and usually have a median posterior lobe on the subgenital plate (New & Lienhard 2007).

<==Ectopsocopsis Badonnel 1955 [=Ectopsocoides (l. c.)] L98
    |--*E. balli (Badonnel 1949) B55 [=Ectopsocus balli NL07]
    |--E. annulata Badonnel 1955 M93, B55
    |--E. anurus Badonnel 1955 B55
    |--E. badonneli [=Ectopsocus badonneli] B55
    |--E. beijingensis Li 2002 L02
    |--E. biporosus Li 1992 L02
    |--E. biunciatus Li 2002 L02
    |--E. brevimanubrius Li 2002 L02
    |--E. bulbiapicius Li 2002 L02
    |--E. clavellatus Li 2002 L02
    |--E. cognata Thornton & Wong 1968 NL07
    |--E. corbiformis Li 1993 L02
    |--E. cryptomeriae (Enderlein 1907) (see below for synonymy) L98
    |--E. curtinervis Li 2002 L02
    |--E. daqingshanensis Li 2002 L02
    |--E. decorata (Thornton & Wong 1968) NL07
    |--E. flavipedia Li 2002 [=E. flavipedius, E. flavpedius] L03
    |--E. gannanensis Li 2002 L02
    |--E. guangdongensis Li 1991 L02
    |--E. jiangxiensis Li 2002 L02
    |--E. luteolicapitus Li 2002 L02
    |--E. mozambicus (Badonnel 1931) B55, B49 [=Ectopsocus mozambicus B55]
    |--E. phaeostictous Li 2002 L02
    |--E. pinisugus Li 2002 L02
    |--E. pumilis (Banks 1920) L02 (see below for synonymy)
    |--E. sarmentiformis Li 2002 L02
    |--E. septentrionalis Li 2002 [=E. septentrionalus] L03
    |--E. spathulatus [=Ectopsocus spathulatus] B55
    |--E. spatiosimanubrus Li 1999 L02
    |--E. tenuimanubrius Li 2002 L02
    |--E. terricolis Badonnel 1955 B55
    |--E. trimaculatus Li 2002 L02
    `--E. xerophylla Vishnyakova 1970 [=Ectopsocopsis xerophyllus, Ectopsocoides (l. c.) xerophylla] L98

Ectopsocopsis cryptomeriae (Enderlein 1907) [=Ectopsocus cryptomeriae, Ectopsocoides (l. c.) cryptomeriae; incl. Ectopsocus lepnevae Danks 1955] L98

Ectopsocopsis pumilis (Banks 1920) L02 [=Peripsocus pumilis M93, Ectopsocus pumilis M93; incl. Ectopsocus josephi Galil 1984 M93]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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