Ascomata of Montagnula anthostomoides on Clematis vitalba, from here.

Belongs within: Pleosporales.

Montagnula is a genus of saprotrophic or hemibiotrophic fungi found growing on various substrates but particularly on Agavaceae. Members of the genus are dictyosporous (Barr 2001).

Montagnula Berlese 1896 [anam. Microsphaeropsis, Sclerostagonospora] B01
    |--*M. infernalis (Niessl.) Berlese 1896 B01
    |--M. anthostomoides (Rehm) Leuchtmann 1984 B01
    |--M. camarae B01
    |--M. dasylirionis B01
    |--M. gigantea (Montagne) Berlese 1896 B01
    |--M. gilletiana [=M. (subg. Rubiginospora) gilletiana] B01
    |--M. mohavensis B01
    |--M. opaca B01
    |--M. opuntiae B01
    |--M. phragmospora B01
    |--M. rhodophaea (Bizz.) Leuchtmann 1984 B01
    |--M. spinosella [=M. (subg. *Rubiginospora) spinosella] B01
    |--M. subsuperficialis B01
    |--M. thuemeniana B01
    `--M. yuccigena B01

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B01] Barr, M. E. 2001. Montagnulaceae, a new family in the Pleosporales, and lectotypification of Didymosphaerella. Mycotaxon 77: 193-200.

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