Thelebolus stercoreus, photographed by Jens H. Petersen.

Belongs within: Pezizomycotina.

The Thelebolaceae is a family of minute dung-inhabiting fungi.

Characters (from Cannon & Kirk 2007): Stromata absent. Ascomata minute, more or less globose or pulvinate, at least initially cleistothecial, the excipulum hyaline, poorly developed, more or less glabrous. Interascal tissue poorly developed, composed of simple paraphyses. Asci more or less ellipsoidal, often multispored, more or less persistent, opening with a rather irregular vertical split. Ascospores usually small, hyaline, smooth or with ornamentation formed as an elaboration of an initially homogenous secondary wall layer. Anamorphs rarely encountered, where present hyphomycetous, Sporothrix-like.

Thelebolaceae [Thelebolales]
    |--Antarctomyces EB03
    |--Ascozonus woolhopensis EB03, E99
    |--Caccobius minusculus EB03, E99
    |--Coprobolus EB03
    |--Coprotiella EB03
    |--Coprotus EB03
    |--Dennisiopsis EB03
    |--Leptokalpion EB03
    |--Mycoarctium EB03
    |--Ochotrichobolus EB03
    |--Pseudascozonus EB03
    |--Ramgea EB03
    |--Thelebolus stercoreus [incl. Nectria myriospora, Chilonectria myriospora] RS99
    `--Trichobolus EB03

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[EB03] Eriksson, O. E., H. O. Barah, R. S. Currah, K. Hansen, C. P. Kurtzman, G. Rambold & T. Laess√łe (eds.) 2003. Outline of Ascomycota—2003. Myconet 9: 1-89.

[RS99] Rossman, A. Y., G. J. Samuels, C. T. Rogerson & R. Lowen. 1999. Genera of Bionectriaceae, Hypocreaceae and Nectriaceae (Hypocreales, Ascomycetes). Studies in Mycology 42: 1-248.

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