Great orange tip Hebomoia glaucippe, photographed by Quartl.

Belongs within: Pieridae.

Hebomoia is a genus of butterflies found in Asia and Australasia, distinct from other Pieridae in having the forewing extensively bright yellow dorsally.

<==Hebomoia Hübner 1823 F55
    |--H. glaucippe F55
    |    |--H. g. glaucippe F55
    |    |--H. g. celebensis Wallace 1863 F55
    |    |--H. g. cuyonicola Fruhstorfer 1907 F55
    |    |--H. g. domoranensis Fruhstorfer 1911 F55
    |    |--H. g. erinna Fruhstorfer in Seitz 1910 F55
    |    |--H. g. iliaca Fruhstorfer 1911 F55
    |    |--H. g. philippensis Wallce 1863 F55
    |    `--H. g. reducta Fruhstorfer 1907 F55
    `--H. leucippe (Cramer 1775) F55

*Type species of generic name indicated


[F55] Franz, E. 1955. Die Typen und Typoide des Natur-Museums Senckenberg, 16). Insecta, Lepidoptera, Pieridae. Senckenbergiana Biologica 36: 339-367.

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